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Photography Tutorials

Photography » Basics — almost 4 years ago
iPhoneography isn’t only for quick snapshots of your lunch and your pets. Many professional photographers are now using the mobile device as a secondary–sometimes primary–camera. Smartphones are easy to use, are generally always with us, and they make sharing the photos instantaneous–there’s no wonder so many pros and amateurs alike are embracing the technology.
Photography » Basics — over 6 years ago
Lightroom 3 allows you to take your images and export them to Flickr. You can even get comments to show up back in Lightroom!
Photography » Basics — over 3 years ago
Pan American World Airways may have declared bankruptcy in 1991, but that didn’t stop photographer Michael Kelley and aviation prop fanatic Anthony Toth from taking flight on an authentically decorated Boeing 747-200 in 2014. Together, they assembled all the bits and pieces of Pan Am memorabilia they could find, hired over a dozen models and eight camera assistants, and tackled an incredibly ambitious period-piece photo shoot inside the mock-plane.
Photography » Basics — about 4 years ago
To be fair, the band—Sleeper Effect—asked photographer Aelle Lucà to shoot this gig, and Lucà asked them up front if his technique would get in their way. The band gave him free reign to do as he pleased, and that’s exactly what he did.
Photography » Basics — over 5 years ago
If you've never heard of Atlanta based photographer, Alex Koloskov, you may want to do a quick Google search of him. In terms of thinking outside of the box, Koloskov basically epitomizes it. Watching him perform his art during a commercial photoshoot is pretty entertaining.
Photography » Basics — over 2 years ago
Whether it’s fine lines, acne, or a stain on a shirt, quick spot removal techniques are always welcomed by photographers. Although Photoshop is king when it comes to intense editing, Lightroom is a great program for a wide range of editing needs.
Photography » Basics — over 4 years ago
hrough the years, DeRubeis repeatedly changed the name of his photography business, using names such as Jonathan Michael Fine Art Photography, Creative Photography and Video, and Impressive Images.
Photography » Basics — almost 5 years ago
Photographer Tim Kemple doesn’t take vacations — he takes epic photography trips. During a recent visit to Mexico, he photographed some friends doing extreme whitewater kayaking, going to such lengths as dangling precariously from a zipline to capture a unique perspective.
Photography » Basics — almost 11 years ago
Learn how to apply artistic techniques to your photos to capture a better image, includes tips on subject shapes, peak hours for photography, and the rule of thirds.
Photography » Basics — over 3 years ago
Cooper uses traditional animation cels and his iPhone 5s to insert his cartoons into real world scenes. He can take virtually any everyday scene—from a coffee shop to a simple lonesome country highway—and turn them into magical stories involving giant bugs drinking coffee or Bigfoot mama and baby roaming the countryside.
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