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Photography Tutorials

Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 8 years ago
The sun peaks out partway through the day, so they switch locations to a tree-lined sidewalk, where Tim gets his model to dance around and move a bit. He uses the spots of light through the trees to create a more vibrant, textured series than you’d see in most ordinary studio shots. They move on to a variety of locations, demonstrating how a simple reflector can shape light in any situation.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 11 years ago
James Elliott says, "I like the challenge of going from shooting landscape one day to close up the next and dabbling in portraiture the day after. I love bokeh, and great use of color. So in a lot of my photographs you’ll see very vibrant colors and a lot of bokeh."
Photography » Tips and Tricks — almost 8 years ago
There are so many things we can do with cameras and lenses to create amazing photos without manipulating the image in post-production. If you have a willingness to think outside the box and experiment, there are many simple techniques you can try to add a little oomph to your photography.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — over 9 years ago
In the following video, Miles Morgan lectures about fine art landscape photography – his photography – as he, in fact, takes his own pictures as examples to demonstrate and describe how’s the creative process of his work, from conception to digital finishing. Please consider that the whole lecture/presentation lasts 1h and 50min.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — almost 9 years ago
No macro lens? No problem! Now you can get those lovely, detailed close-up shots without investing in another pricey lens. How?
Photography » Tips and Tricks — over 7 years ago
This article is intended for the casual shooter who is just starting out or has been shooting for a while, but has room for improvement. Capturing portraits, especially good portraits, is no easy task by any stretch of the imagination. However, making very small changes to your shooting habits will result in immediate improvements to your portraits.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — over 6 years ago
The COOPH team is back with more tips to capture unique and funky photos using a few everyday items and a lot of creativity. Photographers Anastasia Ehlakova and Julia Gebhardt have some great ideas when it comes to adding really cool effects to your images.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — over 7 years ago
Hair light, separation light, accent light, whatever you want to call it, the result is the same—separating your model from your background. In a small home studio, one light may be enough for portrait lighting, but adding a second light behind your model will really add separation and definition.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 9 years ago
While some artists study for years to master their craft, Christopher Wahl hasn’t taken a single class. Yet he’s also never had a job title other than portrait photographer. Wahl, who lives in Toronto, has created energetic, soulful portraits for over 20 years. His portfolio includes breathtaking photographs of celebrities and political figures that have been featured in elite publications such as Vanity Fair and TIME:
Photography » Tips and Tricks — over 7 years ago
Sometimes the colors in a photograph just don’t mesh. You may not be able to notice it right away; the photo just seems off for some reason. But it could be as simple as the fact that the colors don’t complement each other.
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