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Photography Tutorials

Photography » Composition — 19 days ago
The Super Bowl is widely considered the mecca of sports photography, because of its sheer scale, magnitude, and fan following. But there are four photographers who have been fortunate enough to photograph every Super Bowl in history.
Photography » Color — 19 days ago
Poorly exposed images will never give color their sparkle and brightness. Getting exposure right is not only necessary for a well-lit scene, but also color. By using simple photography tools, getting great color is no secret.
Photography » Technique — 19 days ago
Ansel Adams was one of the pioneers in landscape photography. His work is something extraordinary. Something still relevant today. Thanks to Marc Silber‘s interview with the legendary photographer’s son, Michael Adams, we have the opportunity to see up close how some of his most important photos were born.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 19 days ago
Retouching gradient skies can be somewhat tricky to do. In today’s video, we’ll go through a few of the steps required to edit and retouch gradient skies using Adobe Photoshop as well as look at some of the tools that are at our disposal and which ones work best.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 20 days ago
In this article we’ll look at ten tips that can help you to improve your night photographs and get the most out of your time shooting after dark. Follow these ten tips and you’ll speed up the learning curve of night photography.
Photography » Basics — 20 days ago
Since the desert looks practically the same wherever you turn, the view in a mirror placed in a desert-scape can look transparent. And if you attach mirrors all over a shack in Joshua Tree, California, you get something pretty awesome.
Photography » Technique — 20 days ago
When you combine strobes with ambient light on a sunny day, you’re likely to run into problems with achieving a shallow depth of field.
Photography » Basics — 20 days ago
This is probably the hardest part of my process to describe. Hiking in the highlands, I am privileged to have access to some amazing landscapes,; as I walk through them I am overwhelmed by options. This makes it hard to identify when I see a truly special scene, since it can be drowned out by choice.
Photography » Basics — 21 days ago
Varaksinia and her team sketched out an idea for her personal project in pencil and ink. From a visual on paper, a design team and two pint-sized models worked together to bring the the 2D into 3D.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 21 days ago
You have great ideas and you have a camera with incredible capabilities. All you need to do is translate your ideas into photographs. But which settings create which effects? What choices do professional photographers make? When and how to use HDR? These two popular in-depth ebooks aim to give you creative control of your camera so you can turn your ideas into stunning landscape photography.
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