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Photography Tutorials — Composition

Photography » Composition — 10 days ago
It may be an icy wonderland outside, but that shouldn’t stop you from venturing out with your camera to capture your very own wintertime masterpieces.
Photography » Composition — 12 days ago
In order to get the most out of this compositional tool, it’s important to know where to place them, and how to use them effectively. Let’s explore the three main purposes of leading lines in a photograph, and see how lines can help to add depth, draw attention, and change the overall mood of a photo.
Photography » Composition — 2 months ago
Ever wonder why sometimes, what you see in person and what your camera renders as an image are two entirely different things? If you’re like most of us, chances are that you’ve been frustrated a time or two by the sheer difficulty of recreating a scene with the camera.
Photography » Composition — 3 months ago
No one wants to be stuck in a creative rut, but unfortunately, it happens even to the best of us. Sometimes the best way to get out of a creative slump is to push yourself to try new things that produce amazing results.
Photography » Composition — 7 months ago
If you’re looking to take your landscape photography to new levels, you’re in luck. You don’t need to run out and purchase expensive new gear in order to create amazing landscapes; one of the best ways to create visually stunning landscapes, is by mastering the art of composition.
Photography » Composition — 8 months ago
In today’s visually-saturated world, the simplistic style of minimalist photography offers visually-soothing results – with plenty of breathing room. Minimalism provides a refreshing visual break from the constant flood of information, and visual noise that we face every day.
Photography » Composition — 11 months ago
For better or worse, the background can have a major impact on the composition of a photo. Photos with distracting backgrounds tend to look cluttered and amateur, while intentional backgrounds instantly improve the entire composition, and add meaning and depth to a photo.
Photography » Composition — 12 months ago
Composition in nature photography comes easy to some, but many new photographers struggle to find their balance. This is especially true where wildlife is concerned.
Photography » Composition — about 1 year ago
A California woman has earned herself quite a following after taking a series of photographs of her young child. Taking a unique approach to baby photography, she created incredibly ingenious portraits of her son doing a variety of activities, including interviewing the President of the United States, charming snakes, and playing the part of a nutcracker.
Photography » Composition — about 1 year ago
As a photographer, depth and perspective should have a prominent role in your work. While photography is a two-dimensional platform, adding a sense of depth and perspective to a shot can help the viewers to interpret the image better.
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