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Photography Tutorials — Accessories

Photography » Accessories — 15 days ago
When you look at the current digital camera market, there are a baffling array of choices available. From simple compacts, through bridge and micro four-thirds, and all the way up through crop and full frame DSLRs, it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to choosing a camera.
Photography » Accessories — 2 months ago
Von Wong comes up with a base concept, an idea, and he builds it up based on the constraints that are available. Since he specializes in fantasy storytelling, he has to come up with creative ideas to portray the illusion, to make it real. Basically, he has to find solutions to take something that is seemingly impossible and turn it into reality.
Photography » Accessories — 3 months ago
Polaroid photography is generally not taken as professionally as digital and other analog formats, but with the right equipment and framework, instant photography can become just as viable an art form as any other.
Photography » Accessories — 4 months ago
Kirsty Mitchell went all out for her project’s final photograph. Everything from the design of the set to the end product–the photograph was to be printed two meters high–was executed on a grand scale. The size and energy that went into the portrait were meant to create a powerful emotional connection with the viewers.
Photography » Accessories — 5 months ago
Sven Martin never imagined his fondness for the travel and camaraderie of mountain biking would define his career. But his devotion to photographing what he loves has helped him pave his own path.
Photography » Accessories — 7 months ago
hillip Bloom has been making films for 25 years, and wherever he goes for his work, he likes to take along his still cameras and walk about the city capturing photos on the street. Bloom has recently converted to film for his personal use and says he generally takes 4-6 cameras with him when he goes out.
Photography » Accessories — 8 months ago
Here are seven apps that smartphone and tablet users can use to improve their photographic experience. The apps are divided according to their function or main feature.
Photography » Accessories — 8 months ago
Deciding which 50mm prime lens to buy can be daunting, considering the many different brands, apertures, and prices. Even after a photographer has chosen a company to buy from, it can be difficult to narrow the options to just one lens.
Photography » Accessories — 8 months ago
When Canon first introduced HD video capabilities on its 5D Mark ii in 2009, it revolutionized video production. Filmmakers everywhere could record on the camera’s large sensor and quality lenses at a fraction of traditional costs. But many features that were standard to dedicated video cameras, like proper audio recording capabilities and autofocus, still lacked.
Photography » Accessories — 9 months ago
Lens Effects from Topaz brings all camera lenses and filters together in a powerful and easy-to-use plug-in, minimizing the need for additional and expensive equipment, while providing flexibility from editing. To receive 50% off until the end of the month, simply remember to use the voucher code JULYLENS at checkout.
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