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Maya Tutorials

Maya » Modeling — about 7 years ago
The concept started with little different idea and later modified the modeling
Maya » Lighting — about 9 years ago
Advanced Lighting and Caustics with Mental Ray and Maya
Maya » Modeling — over 10 years ago
A simple method of converting Photoshop vector paths into 3d in maya.
Maya » Lighting — over 10 years ago
In this series we will explore maya each and every available light. This tutorial cover Ambient and Directional light
Maya » Animation — over 7 years ago
Eric Thelander reveals an inexpensive way of using facial motion capture to create high quality lip-sync animation without breaking the bank.
Maya » Lighting — about 10 years ago
In this part we will explore Point Light and the Spot Light in Maya, this tutorial is very helpful in understanding lights
Maya » Animation — almost 6 years ago
Brian Horgan shares the great animation tool he wrote for Maya, which provides a different approach to ghosting/onion skinning in 3D.
Maya » Lighting — over 10 years ago
This 4 min beginners video tutorial will explain you how to setup the Depth of Field in Maya
Maya » Advanced Concepts — almost 10 years ago
Sprite - Based Particle Tree's offer a much better looking tree in today's real time games. I would personally not normally recommend these types of trees' as 'overall' coverage in your real time game, but when used in conjunction with the normal cross-sectional type tree, can be used to great effect. These kinds of trees' are highly recommended to be used in area's of your game where you want most visual impact, on a corner of a track, lining a field nearby, etc.
Maya » Advanced Concepts — over 10 years ago
Read the making of the Last Elf in a interviewing way, so all beginners can easily follow
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