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Maya Tutorials

Maya » Advanced Concepts — about 10 years ago
Ingrid Bergman, a film actress and artist used screen captures from the movies to model beautiful actress in 3d
Maya » Modeling — over 8 years ago
Modeling and rendering of interiors is used in a great variety of industries, and creating result that is suitable for these big markets is a very big challenge. In this tutorial you will learn how to model, texture, and render an interior design of a bathroom using Maya. The modeling of the bathroom will be achieved using polygons, NURBS, and paint effects. The rendering process will be done with Mental Ray, using techniques that will quickly give you a photorealistic result.
Maya » Effects — about 10 years ago
In this step by step tutorial create a growing flowers from surface by using Maya Visor
Maya » Effects — over 8 years ago
In this tutorial learn how you can create a fallen accumulated snow on any object or character
Maya » Modeling — about 10 years ago
Summarize the workflow used for one of my characters with lots of images and print-screens directly from the applications used
Maya » Advanced Concepts — almost 10 years ago
The character you seen in the picture is one of the most famous Iranian historical characters named Sohrab and he is the son of Rostam, the greatest Iranian hero.
Maya » Modeling — about 9 years ago
Explained the process of modeling the hot tempered chef, Gordon Ramsay - Caricature in Maya
Maya » Modeling — over 9 years ago
Artist impressed with the Final Fantasy Characters so he tried to create Tidus in Maya
Maya » Animation — almost 9 years ago
In this informative making going to walk you through the process of making digital portrait of Mr. Obama
Maya » Advanced Concepts — about 9 years ago
Artist Alexey Kashpersky will explain the process involved in creation of the image Dream
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