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Maya Tutorials

Maya » Modeling — over 9 years ago
This tutorial series covers how to model, texture, and render a toy dragonfly. This tutorial is aimed at beginners.
Maya » Modeling — almost 10 years ago
In this image, artist make the dirty flooded water bathroom and fish tries to survive there in between of leaked pipes
Maya » Modeling — over 7 years ago
These tutorials diggs deep into the unknown land of head modeling. If you are new to modeling. This will be a great tutorial for you.
Maya » Modeling — over 6 years ago
Luca Nemolato talks us through the unusual photobashing technique he uses to create his amazing concept art.
Maya » Animation — almost 5 years ago
In the 5th Chapter of the rigging in Autodesk Maya , we will discuss on how to create the finger joints on a character which is not in a T position. We will also learn how to maintain a basic local rotation axis order for future use while creating the joints in fingers specially in thumb. Hope this will be helpful for you people.
Maya » Modeling — over 10 years ago
In this tutorial, we will make a simple reading table with chair and books using poly modeling. Follow the steps as shown below.
Maya » Modeling — about 10 years ago
This tutorial will teach you how to make a chain, or a similar object, follow a curve.
Maya » Modeling — over 10 years ago
Our goal in this tutorial is to make effect that one dynamic sphere make trail on surface while moving over it’s surface, similar like some ball moving over mud.
Maya » Animation — over 5 years ago
In this lesson, we're going to be learning how to save and apply poses to a control rig while using the tools in the pose controls dialog window. Don't miss it!
Maya » Modeling — over 10 years ago
In this making artist will explain how he created the female character for his short movie in Maya
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