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Maya Tutorials

Maya » Animation — over 3 years ago
This video explains a cool trick how to use video references for Animation. Normally, we use video references to get the idea of the animation, while this video explains a bit more on how to extract poses from the video and use it for our animation!
Maya » Animation — almost 4 years ago
Hello friends, welcome to the 4th Chapter of Rigging in Maya series. In this tutorial we will learn about the leg and foot joints of a character. Learn how to place the joints with proper name , mirror them , and most importantly how to connect the lower part of the body with the characters root joint. Lets enjoy.
Maya » Modeling — almost 4 years ago
11th Chapter of this series will cover on the detailing of the front door, and the door glass of the car. This lecture will show you how you slowly add details in your model while maintain the minimum cut flow in your poly model. Hope you will enjoy the series
Maya » Modeling — over 7 years ago
Using the basic polygonal toolset, this 2-day, narrated timelapse tutorial covers the process of modeling a Luger P08, and is a great introduction to a standard SDS workflow in Maya.
Maya » Animation — almost 4 years ago
In the 5th Chapter of the rigging in Autodesk Maya , we will discuss on how to create the finger joints on a character which is not in a T position. We will also learn how to maintain a basic local rotation axis order for future use while creating the joints in fingers specially in thumb. Hope this will be helpful for you people.
Maya » Animation — about 5 years ago
Short video tutorial showing how to animate color and transparency changes in Maya
Maya » Modeling — over 4 years ago
In this lesson, Stephen is going to be covering how to create your own custom brushes in zBrush. A great bit of info to pair up with the lesson on creating your own alphas in zBrush, so check it out!
Maya » Modeling — about 9 years ago
This tutorial will teach you how to make a chain, or a similar object, follow a curve.
Maya » Modeling — over 9 years ago
Used real life references from the Thailand Zoo to create this wonderful artwork in maya
Maya » Modeling — over 6 years ago
These tutorials diggs deep into the unknown land of head modeling. If you are new to modeling. This will be a great tutorial for you.
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