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Maya Tutorials

Maya » Animation — over 6 years ago
Eric Thelander reveals an inexpensive way of using facial motion capture to create high quality lip-sync animation without breaking the bank.
Maya » Animation — almost 6 years ago
In this video tutorial, Claus Ilkjaer explains how to use a popular rig created by community members of the Eleven Second Club.
Maya » Modeling — about 8 years ago
Model and Texture a Photorealistic USB Cable with Maya and Mental Ray Part I
Maya » Modeling — about 7 years ago
The steps that follow are the result of a day’s experimentation with the goal of creating easily reproducible results when modeling a 2010 soccer ball.
Maya » Modeling — over 6 years ago
The original idea of the image came in the artist mind from the references he collected
Maya » Modeling — over 9 years ago
Our goal in this tutorial is to make effect that one dynamic sphere make trail on surface while moving over it’s surface, similar like some ball moving over mud.
Maya » Modeling — over 7 years ago
This tutorial is designed for beginners, who are attempting to make their first "cartoony" or stylized characters. It was created in Maya 2010 by Adam Dewhirst.
Maya » Modeling — over 4 years ago
Aziz will show you how to model a low poly sword using Maya modeling tools, by using this technique you would be able to model any...
Maya » Animation — about 7 years ago
Animation can be a nightmare if you don’t have an easy to use, well-made rig to work with, and in this tutorial Donato Marotta shows us how to create just that using joints, locators, custom attributes, set driven keys, expressions and constraints in Maya!
Maya » Animation — almost 5 years ago
Brian Horgan shares the great animation tool he wrote for Maya, which provides a different approach to ghosting/onion skinning in 3D.
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