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Maya Tutorials

Maya » Textures — over 8 years ago
This tutorial covers in depth how to use the Hypershade in Maya. It also covers how to use the basic shader network.
Maya » Textures — about 9 years ago
Multi displacement method can be very handy when setting up various displacement files for your geometry
Maya » Textures — about 7 years ago
This video Tutorials show how you can: - UV map a hard surface bike - UV map a tire - Copy/paste UVs
Maya » Textures — about 4 years ago
In this lesson, Stephen is going to give a quick introduction to the Spotlight too in zBrush, and teach you how to use your photo reference to add texture detail to your model. A very cool tool for sure, so don't miss it!
Maya » Textures — about 8 years ago
When attempting to add realistic looking dirt and grime to your 3d art, it can sometimes be a little too easy to go overboard. In this tutorial you will learn a simple technique of adding dust and dirt to your 3d objects, without overdoing it, to finally give them a more lifelike and realistic feel. The software we will be using is Maya, but this technique can be used on almost any 3d model, and can easily be acieved in all of the major 3d packages on the market.
Maya » Textures — about 6 years ago
In this article artist will try to explain the techniques that used to create this image. He will focus mainly upon the textures/shaders part.
Maya » Scripting — over 7 years ago
Kludge city is a procedural building and skyscraper generator being developed by Visual Effects Artist, Ed Whetstone, as part of his short film project, “The Deliverator”. It is open-source, and freely available for anyone to use or edit, so head on over to www.whetstonevfx.com and download it now!
Maya » Scripting — over 7 years ago
This tutorial introduces the exciting possibilities for modeling using Maya’s MEL scripting language. In this first part, we will learn the basics of MEL commands, and create two procedural model scripts that could be useful in your own workflows.
Maya » Animation — over 9 years ago
In this tutorial you will learn to create a flag using soft bodies.
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