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Maya Tutorials

Maya » Characters — over 6 years ago
Learn how to model with polygons and subdivision surfaces, UV unwrap and texture your characters efficiently in Maya. This tutorial focuses on workflows rather than specific application features.
Maya » Characters — over 8 years ago
Tutorial from 3D-Source that goes through the process of setting up and applying a rag-doll animation to a character. For more tutorials about 3d modeling and for downloadable next-gen game assets go to 3D-Source.
Maya » Characters — over 7 years ago
I present to you, a easy understandable way, to rig a face. In this tutorial I show my way of Facial Rigging, I think it is the easiest, fastest and best way to do it. It is joint based with facial controllers and additional joystick controllers.
Maya » Characters — over 7 years ago
In this tutorial we look at how to paint weights in maya, it is useful if you are rigging organic models. It is a short tutorial where I show some tips and tricks, in the end I show how to mirror and export weights.
Maya » Characters — almost 9 years ago
Creating a 3d character that is equipped to be animated is one of the most challenging things you can do in CG, and to make matters worse, it has always been equally challenging to find any comprehensive tutorials on the entire workflow. Well not any more! In this 7 video long, intermediate to advanced level tutorial series, professional Blender artist, Karan Shah, will walk you through the complete creation process of a ready to animate video game character. From modeling, to UVs and texturing,
Maya » Characters — almost 8 years ago
This is the second tutorial in a series on how to make a character rig. In this tutorial we look into: - Controllers - IK Handles - Control Joints - Rubberhose
Maya » Animation — about 9 years ago
In this informative making going to walk you through the process of making digital portrait of Mr. Obama
Maya » Characters — over 7 years ago
In this tutorial we look into have to make the hand. We will be making: - The controllers - Custom Attributes - +/- Average Node
Maya » Animation — almost 9 years ago
Dynamics simulations can be a powerful tool when trying to generate realistic looking effects that would be very difficult to achieve manually. In this tutorial you will learn how to use nDynamics' passive colliders and ncloth objects, in conjunction with fields like air and gravity, to easily simulate realistic dynamic objects such as a windy flag or a water container.
Maya » Animation — over 8 years ago
When creating motion graphics to music, an often overlooked detail that really helps in bringing everything to life is synchronicity. When your visuals are correctly timed, however, it can not only feel like your visuals are moving to the music, but being driven by it
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