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Maya Tutorials

Maya » Animation — almost 9 years ago
Animation can be a nightmare if you don’t have an easy to use, well-made rig to work with, and in this tutorial Donato Marotta shows us how to create just that using joints, locators, custom attributes, set driven keys, expressions and constraints in Maya!
Maya » Rendering — almost 10 years ago
In today’s tutorial, Crystal Leal walks us through how to render out a wireframe version of a model using either Mental Ray or Maya’s own Vector Renderer. Once rendered, the sequences are then composited together in After Effects and rendered out to video. This technique is perfect to use when putting together turntable animations for your portfolio!
Maya » Advanced Concepts — almost 10 years ago
Using Maya, Photoshop and Mental Ray Aleksandar Jovanovic explains how he created his image "Night of May 6th".
Maya » Advanced Concepts — about 9 years ago
This is an introduction to my BitmapScroller class. I’ll explain how to get it up and running with ANT and FDT.
Maya » Characters — about 9 years ago
Hello friends, Here i am sharing my work experience also the tips and tricks. This making will show you how to create a great result with using tools / applications easily.
Maya » Modeling — about 9 years ago
In this video tutorial artists wants to show you how to create a realistic glass of water (liquid) with Maya Mental ray materials
Maya » Tips and Tricks — about 9 years ago
Attach an object to a surface using a very simple MEL script!
Maya » Modeling — about 9 years ago
Hello! This is a video tutorial I made with the hopes that I might inspire or show people approaches to modeling that they haven't thought of before.
Maya » Animation — about 9 years ago
Animating using expressions can be a big timesaver, especially when it comes to mechanical objects such as a merry-go-round! In this tutorial, Stephen Ko walks us through a simple expressions-based project, creating a simple UI with sliders to control the different parts of his model. Let’s get started!
Maya » Modeling — about 9 years ago
In the second part of this 2-day, narrated timelapse tutorial, Sebastian Kim adds the final touches to the Luger P08 model. Created using Maya’s basic polygonal toolset, this model allows us to take a look at different hard surface subdivision modeling techniques – all of which play a huge part in today’s production environment.
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