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JavaScript Tutorials

JavaScript » Windows and Frames — about 3 years ago
There is a new API in town – Full Screen. With it you can make any element take the entire screen. Perfect for videos and canvas-based games, reports and print preview dialogs. Learn how to use it in this tutorial.
JavaScript » Basics — over 2 years ago
Simple javascript redirect / php script that hides the original referring url from analytic software.
JavaScript » Basics — almost 5 years ago
JavaScript Reserved KeyWords are part of the JavaScript language syntax. JavaScript Reserved KeyWords has special meanings and used to instruct JavaScript interpreter to perform a specific pre define task. JavaScript has some reserved keywords which can not be used as an identifier. Using JavaScript Reserved KeyWords as an identifier for variable names, function names, and loop labels results in error.
JavaScript » Advanced Topics — over 5 years ago
Create great looking tooltips in your existing code, without any modifications.
JavaScript » Buttons and Navigation — almost 4 years ago
In this post I explain how to create a simple page layout with fixed navigation. jQuery is used to enhance usability of the the navigation even more. This includes animated scrolling and a fancy fading effect.
JavaScript » Dynamic HTML — over 4 years ago
How to use CSS3 and jQuery to create images that can be smoothly rotated using the mouse. Full example and code download included.
JavaScript » Advanced Topics — about 1 year ago
Have you ever think of improving your web app’s user experience (UX) by enabling your users to easily search and get directions of your business? Yes! Here is a good news for you to allow your web app users to navigate your business direction using their native iOS Google Maps instead of web version of Google Maps. Google has introduced a Google Maps URL Scheme to allow you launch a native iOS Google Maps from your web application.
JavaScript » Using Third Party Libraries — over 5 years ago
There are a lot of tabber plugins, but sometimes they don’t give us the freedom we want, so we either deal with it or start changing the plugin’s code. Why bother with finding the one that fits you the best when you can just make your own tab interface and it’s not hard at all, it’s actualy pretty easy. In this tutorial, we will make a custom tab interface.
JavaScript » Buttons and Navigation — about 1 year ago
Making your menu bar fix to the top of the page is something that’s been done a lot. However what if you don’t want to start your menu out as being fixed to the top? And how do you make your menu look different from its original state when you make it fix to the top of the screen?
JavaScript » Basics — about 2 years ago
This beginners' JavaScript programming tutorial, divided into several easy to understand lessons, has been written to help the learner learn JavaScript programming quickly and without any difficulty. This JavaScript programming tutorial assumes that you are familiar with HTML and can create some cool web pages using HTML.
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