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JavaScript Tutorials

JavaScript » Ajax — about 12 years ago
Tutorial demonstrates how to write form submission in PHP and AJAX using prototype js library. A good beginners tutorial on PHP and AJAX.
JavaScript » Ajax — over 11 years ago
This is an incredibly easy way to add a Google Map to your website. * It’s free * It keeps the look of your site * Easy to set up This includes a Video Tutorial and the files to get you set up in minutes
JavaScript » Basics — about 10 years ago
This tutorial explains how to create a tab using jquery and simple javascript. Both techniques are very simple and short. You create a simple tab with JavaScript, html and css. Lets look the example.
JavaScript » Forms — over 12 years ago
Before sending data from script form it is necessarily to check input date. JavaScript is ideal for that, because the all date befor submitting, will be checked and by that we will save on bandwith.
JavaScript » Using Third Party Libraries — over 9 years ago
A tutorial on how to build a web-based app for the iPhone using jQTouch.
JavaScript » Ajax — over 10 years ago
Building a Tag Cloud Using the Google Web Toolkit
JavaScript » Basics — about 10 years ago
Make a javascript confirmation function for your websites or applications.
JavaScript » Ajax — about 10 years ago
Making a Content Slider with jQuery UI
JavaScript » Basics — about 12 years ago
A javascript tutorial about the regular expressions in javascript.
JavaScript » Ajax — about 10 years ago
How to Create a Simple Web Based Chat Application
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