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JavaScript Tutorials — Windows and Frames

JavaScript » Windows and Frames — over 6 years ago
Deferring embedded video in your web page to allows your page load quickly, saving dozens of files requests and resource downloads in your initial pageload.
JavaScript » Windows and Frames — about 8 years ago
n this tutorial we will use jQuery combined with Google Maps to create an interactive map
JavaScript » Windows and Frames — about 10 years ago
There is a new API in town – Full Screen. With it you can make any element take the entire screen. Perfect for videos and canvas-based games, reports and print preview dialogs. Learn how to use it in this tutorial.
JavaScript » Windows and Frames — over 10 years ago
In this tutorial we will give website owners a chance and write a plugin with which they can detect whether a visitor is using an ad blocker.
JavaScript » Windows and Frames — about 11 years ago
In todays tutorial, we’ll learn how to preload the images with jquery. With this feature your site can enhancing user exprience.
JavaScript » Windows and Frames — over 11 years ago
Snippet is a jQuery syntax highlighting plugin built on top of the SHJS script found on SourceForge. Snippet provides a quick and easy way of highlighting source code passages in HTML documents.
JavaScript » Windows and Frames — over 12 years ago
In “How to Easily Create a JavaScript Framework, Part 3,” we discussed “Waiting Until the DOM Loaded”, “How to Modify “setStyle()”, “Set and Get Values from Input Elements”, and “Fun Effects: “fadeIn()” and “fadeOut().” In this week’s post, I will complete the “VOZ” JavaScript Framework tutorial series, and I will add a few new methods for dealing with a JavaScript Framework.
JavaScript » Windows and Frames — about 13 years ago
While surfing on the net I have interacted with a script. When I clicked on link "Top" located at the bottom of the web page. Page scroll smoothly and take me to the top of the page. In this article we are going to see working of JavaScript to scroll a web page from bottom to top smoothly. First of all take a look on working of the Page scroll. Below piece of code will do it for you.
JavaScript » Windows and Frames — over 13 years ago
This example will automatically create auto resized popup windows that contain a big version of the clicked image. Only images meeting certain criteria are affected.
JavaScript » Windows and Frames — about 14 years ago
Opening documents such as PDFs in a new window should be automated using JavaScript for the following reasons. Users will often close the web browser when a PDF is opened, mistakenly believing the document has been opened in Adobe Reader, the attribute historically used to open a new window, target, has been removed from the HTML 4.01 Strict specification (it's now deprecated), opening a new window is a behaviour and should be moved to the behavioural layer.
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