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JavaScript Tutorials — Object Oriented Development

JavaScript » Object Oriented Development — about 6 years ago
In this tutorial we will create a Content Slider Using jQuery and CSS without the help of any Slider Plugin and it is very easy and simple to code and use in your webpage.You can also create Image Slider using this process.
JavaScript » Object Oriented Development — over 7 years ago
Whether building a website or application, Javascript frameworks are becoming a more effective & efficient option. Here are the top 5 Javascript Frameworks that web developers should be honing their skills on, to ensure they can create amazing applications in minimal time!
JavaScript » Object Oriented Development — over 8 years ago
Learn everything you should know about the new native getters and setters introduced in ecma script 5
JavaScript » Object Oriented Development — over 9 years ago
Quick tutorial that shows you an easy way to automate the addition of wmode=opaque, using jQuery, to all embedded iFrames on your website
JavaScript » Object Oriented Development — over 10 years ago
In this tutorial, we are going to create an iOS-like home screen using CoffeeScript and the jQuery library.
JavaScript » Object Oriented Development — almost 11 years ago
This tutorial further explains the JavaScript string object.
JavaScript » Object Oriented Development — about 11 years ago
If you use jQuery, you've heard of its plug-ins - easily reusable bits of code that you can call on selectors like any other jQuery method. What you may not realize is how easy it is to write your own plug-ins, making code reuse in your projects easier then ever.
JavaScript » Object Oriented Development — over 11 years ago
With something as important as a contact form, you want it working properly for all visitors—even the JavaScript challenged. How do you handle this if you want to use a modal (pop-up) form? The answer is progressive enhancement; start with baseline, usable functionality; then increase the user experience for those who have browsers to support it.
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