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JavaScript Tutorials — Accessibility

JavaScript » Accessibility — over 6 years ago
This code creates a customizable and movable watermark on your images. Follow the below steps to create an image watermark. Using this below steps you can create your watermark for your images. Reply me if you have any doubts regarding this code.
JavaScript » Accessibility — over 6 years ago
Use this code to create countdown time for any event, function,etc. Just enter your required time in the code variable hour, min, and sec to start your countdown time . Reply me if you have any doubt regarding this code.
JavaScript » Accessibility — over 6 years ago
This jquery code is used to deserialize the query string and converts it back into an object. Here,function params_unserialize() let you to deserialize the query string. Use this code to deserialize your string. Reply me if there is any doubts regarding this code.
JavaScript » Accessibility — over 6 years ago
This jquery code allows you to check whether there is a collision between two codes are not. If the collision is present it shows true and when absence of collision it shows false. In this code collision function detects the presence of collisions. Reply me with your comments if there is any doubt about this code
JavaScript » Accessibility — about 8 years ago
Learn how the HTML5 canvas element can be used with touchscreen support by creating a simple sketchpad app.
JavaScript » Accessibility — over 8 years ago
Responsive web design is the concept of designing a website’s layout so that it adapts to the screen size of the user — making the user’s experience on your site optimal for whatever device they’re using. There are many free jQuery slider plugins that integrate well with responsive web designs — you’ll find a handful of them in this post.
JavaScript » Accessibility — about 9 years ago
Add Touch support to your website by mapping touch events to mouse events ...
JavaScript » Accessibility — about 10 years ago
Now, with the help of HTML5, web developer can create thumbnail preview of images that a user may wish to upload to remote server.
JavaScript » Accessibility — almost 11 years ago
Open All External Links in New Tabs using jQuery
JavaScript » Accessibility — over 11 years ago
Making Javascript keyboard shortcuts is an easy way to add more interactivity to your website
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