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Java Tutorials — Object Oriented Programming

Java » Object Oriented Programming — 11 months ago
In this blog, I am explaining how to use Gallery for scrolling images with page indicator in android. For full information, Visit full Blog. http://findnerd.com/list/view/How-to-use-Gallery-for-scrolling-images-with-page-indicator-in-android/249/
Java » Object Oriented Programming — about 1 year ago
Method reference is feature related to lambda expressions. Method references are more readable form of Lambda expressions for already written methods. “::” operator is used to define method reference. It provides a way to a method without executing it. In order to that a method reference requires a target type context that consists of a compatible functional interface.
Java » Object Oriented Programming — over 2 years ago
Technology is always changing at a great pace. Each day the world gets introduced to new technologies; some of which were once seen as impossible or a mere vision.
Java » Object Oriented Programming — almost 3 years ago
Factory Method pattern is a widely used design pattern that applications written in all modern programming languages such as Java or C# base their structure and implementation.In brief Factory Method Pattern is a class that creates objects.In general with Factory Method we have an interface or an abstract class which has common state and functionality and that delegates its instantiation to its subclasses.
Java » Object Oriented Programming — over 6 years ago
Do you have a program with database connection and you want to be able to backup the database from within the program? Here is a fast way to do it, with mysqldump
Java » Object Oriented Programming — over 7 years ago
An excellent tutorial for beginners that teaches how to create a class that has constructors, methods and a toString. It also teaches some of the very basics of Java and object-oriented programming in the process. Then it walks through the process of building an application. The end result of this tutorial is a fraction calculator that can add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions and reduce them to simplest form.
Java » Object Oriented Programming — over 8 years ago
An inner class is a class declared inside another class. The enclosing class can be a top level class or another inner class. The reason for using inner classes is to properly implement composition when the life of inner class instances are controlled by the outer class instance.
Java » Object Oriented Programming — over 8 years ago
Local inner classes are declared inside of a block of code. This block can be static bloc, a constructor, a method or simply a block of code surrounded with curly braces. These classes are only visible inside the enclosing block, but inside the block full hierarchies of classes can be developed.
Java » Object Oriented Programming — over 8 years ago
A nested interface is just a regular interface defined inside another class or interface. They are actually defined inside the body of the parent class, not only in the same file.
Java » Object Oriented Programming — over 8 years ago
A static nested class is a regular class defined inside of a package level class or inside of another static nested class. They are actually defined inside the body of the parent class, not only in the same file.
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