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Illustrator Tutorials

Illustrator » Drawing — almost 9 years ago
How to Create a Fresh Mojito Cocktail Glass
Illustrator » Drawing — about 8 years ago
In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make your own realistic, electronic piano in Illustrator. We'll create quite a few shapes and apply various gradients and blends to make this vector instrument. Even though it's a bit of work to put all this together, the techniques used in this tutorial are fairly simple. Set aside a couple hours for this one!
Illustrator » Drawing — over 7 years ago
You can find the vintage comic style in newspapers, magazines, and in animation. In this tutorial you will learn several techniques for tracing a sketch, including how to make custom brushes, how to combine shapes and brushes and how to combine multiple brushes. You will also learn how to simulate shadows with a hatching technique.
Illustrator » Drawing — over 7 years ago
In this tutorial we will create a vector drawing of the super-villain Megamind. Along with this, you will learn how to observe the “hidden” technical details a design needs to alter the audience’s reaction the way YOU want.
Illustrator » Drawing — over 5 years ago
In this post you can watch some Gradient Mesh tutorials in Illustrator from Quarrie Franklin.
Illustrator » Drawing — about 3 years ago
I decided to write a tutorial on how to create a polar bear Christmas scene in Illustrator to get you all in the festive spirit. We’ll be using mainly basic shapes, making this tutorial perfect for beginners.
Illustrator » Drawing — over 4 years ago
Learn and have some fun with drawing a red angry birds vector in Illustrator.
Illustrator » Drawing — over 3 years ago
This tutorial is for those who have a tablet for drawing. Also you can download the final result.
Illustrator » Drawing — almost 7 years ago
In this tutorial we’ll create a pretty make-up mirror using mostly grayscale and hard shapes to achieve a shiny metallic effect, also we’ll be using gaussian blur effects and the mesh tool for a better result.
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