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Illustrator Tutorials

Illustrator » Drawing — over 10 years ago
Create a Traditional Japanese Koi Carp Illustration
Illustrator » Drawing — over 5 years ago
With the fourth series of Game of Thrones well underway, I thought it would be fun to create a tutorial on how to make a White Walker in Illustrator.
Illustrator » Drawing — over 7 years ago
There are several ways to color vector images. Here I will describe the most common of them and the tools that are used in this process. All these methods are used by professional illustrators. What are their differences and advantages? Learn more after jump!
Illustrator » Drawing — over 10 years ago
Craft a Vector Collegiate Notebook Design
Illustrator » Drawing — almost 11 years ago
How to Create a Cute Bunny Vector Character
Illustrator » Drawing — almost 9 years ago
Today we will create a detailed vector illustration of Santa Claus pointing to a text or another image. Difficulty: Intermediate; Completion time: 1 Hour; Tools: Illustrator CS3, graphic tablet
Illustrator » Drawing — almost 4 years ago
In this tutorial I’ll talk about how to combine work of DynamicSketch and InkScribe tools to create a cartoon shark. With the help of the DynamicSketch Tool we will create character outline, which has several times more levels of control than the native Illustrator’s brush strokes. Then we will use InkScribe Tool to color the illustration.
Illustrator » Drawing — over 10 years ago
How to Create an Alarm Clock Icon
Illustrator » Drawing — about 5 years ago
This tutorial is for those who have a tablet for drawing. Also you can download the final result.
Illustrator » Drawing — over 9 years ago
The great thing about seamless repeating patterns is that once created, they can be used as a base for all kinds of awesome designs. Skateboard decks, custom apparel, package designs and website backgrounds are just some of the uses for the good old pattern swatch. Follow this tutorial to build a vector based repeating pattern of your own, featuring trendy graphics of skulls, stars, lightning bolts and other cool pop imagery.
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