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Illustrator Tutorials — Patterns

Illustrator » Patterns — almost 4 years ago
Beautiful patterns can be easily created by duplicating basic shapes with a simple colour scheme. This tutorial explains the process of creating a trendy chevron background pattern using Illustrator’s vector shape tools. We’ll then take the design over to Photoshop to add some extra polish and really bring the pattern to life with subtle gradients and texture effects.
Illustrator » Patterns — over 7 years ago
In this post I will show you how to quickly create a seamless simple geometric pattern swatch in Adobe Illustrator. In the last (extra) step I will show you a very simple way to ‘export’ it as a pattern to Photoshop.
Illustrator » Patterns — almost 7 years ago
Follow this Adobe Illustrator tutorial to create a cool snowboard illustration. We’ll build up the design with an array of bright shapes, trendy lines and patterns to produce a bright and funky vector composition. The final design will then be mocked up on a handy snowboard deck template to show off the design in all its glory.
Illustrator » Patterns — almost 6 years ago
In this vector tutorial we will learn how to create a seamless pattern in the style of Russian Khokhloma. We will learn the techniques of creating the basic elements and steps of creating an ornament. Seamless pattern is very high in demand, as they are used in the textile industry and for creating of the backgrounds. After studying this lesson, you learn how to create these ornaments on a professional level.
Illustrator » Patterns — about 2 years ago
In this tutorial, you will find diagrams of patterns of all the primary symmetry types. The diagrams will help you to better grasp the nature of symmetry, which is a good starting point for the creation of complex seamless patterns. We also create a simple geometric pattern, in Arabian style, using Artlandia SymmetryWorks. This Illustrator plug-in produces all symmetries and makes the job of constructing geometric patterns much easier.
Illustrator » Patterns — over 8 years ago
This tutorial is from basic to advance users during this tutorial you will learn how to use brushes , create your own brushes , learning how to speed up your work
Illustrator » Patterns — about 9 years ago
A step by step tutorial for making a vector halftone.
Illustrator » Patterns — about 9 years ago
Learn how to create a very colorful waves element using the blend tool in Illustrator
Illustrator » Patterns — over 3 years ago
There’s a simple way of creating seamless repeating patterns like these. Let me show you how I created these shapes for geometric patterns using the "Constrain Distance” feature of the InkScribe plug-in together with the "Protractor” tool from VectorScribe!
Illustrator » Patterns — over 4 years ago
In this tutorial we will learn how to create a seamless pattern using Pattern Creation feature in Adobe Illustrator CS6, Width Gradient Tool and Width Selector Tool. With these tools, the creation of patterns has become much easier. Have you tried yet?
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