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Flash Tutorials

Flash » Actionscript — about 7 years ago
Today I’ll show you how to build a fullscreen background image using AS3 classes in Adobe Flash. You will learn the meaning of words resize, proportional scale or fullscreen mode. Also you will need a simple image as background. Feel free to send me any questions.
Flash » Actionscript — about 10 years ago
Tutorial on how to dynamically draw with Actionscript. The tutorial includes draw with lines of codes just like when using drawing tool.
Flash » Drawing — almost 7 years ago
This is an introduction to Pixel Tools v2.0. We’ll download the tools, install them, then use them to draw a cheeky snowman!
Flash » Effects — about 8 years ago
Using this thoroughly explained, detailed flash lesson, I will explain to you how to create zooming image effect using the action script 3.
Flash » Actionscript — almost 10 years ago
This article is about a particular case of passing parameters to a constructor of your class, which is inherited from (extends) MovieClip. ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3 syntax is observed.
Flash » Actionscript — over 8 years ago
This, step by step, detailed action script lesson, will show you how to create that every object follow the mouse click.
Flash » Actionscript — about 8 years ago
Learn how to create a menu with actionscript 3 and the Tweenlite engine that bounces up and down when the user interacts with it.
Flash » Actionscript — over 6 years ago
Implementation and tweening of gradients in AS3 with help of TweenLite is fairly simple. In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a shape, apply a gradient to it and then animate it using only actionscript.
Flash » Animation — over 7 years ago
This Flash lesson will show to how to create photo manipulation using some special flash tips and tricks. You don't have to use action script code to make this lesson.
Flash » Animation — almost 8 years ago
In this thoroughly explained, detailed flash lesson, I will show you how to create worlds flash banner using some special flash tricks.
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