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Flash Tutorials — Game Development

Flash » Game Development — about 9 years ago
The purpose of this tutorial is to identify the issues in creating a simple escape the room game and explain ways I’ve found to solve them. The game we will create is very simple and not remotely challenging to play. However it will encompass nearly all of the basic needs of an escape game and by using these techniques you should be able to expand upon them until you have created a game of great complexity.
Flash » Game Development — about 7 years ago
While building it you’ll learn a great deal about functions and event listeners, you will see how easy it is to customize the graphics of a game and you will even learn how to program Artificial Intelligence (AI)!
Flash » Game Development — almost 7 years ago
In this lesson we’re going to create a little tank moving application. The core of this particular tutorial is to make a tank aim at the the mouse pointer and drive towards a mouse click.
Flash » Game Development — over 6 years ago
Learn how to create a tile map that can be used in a Flixel game
Flash » Game Development — over 8 years ago
This tutorial will show you how to create a Flash program that will load and display a 3D model in a web page using Papervision 3D and Flex.
Flash » Game Development — almost 9 years ago
The fifth part of a Flash tutorial on making a Flash game similar to the old BreakOut game for Atari. In previous parts, we created the movement for the paddle and the ball, set up the bricks and the script for collisions, added scores to our Flash game, and in our last tutorial, we set it up to go to a “You Win” screen. In this tutorial, we will set up a players “lives”, as well as what will happen when the player runs out of lives.
Flash » Game Development — over 8 years ago
A detailed tutorial series that shows you how to make a game using Flex and Actionscript
Flash » Game Development — about 8 years ago
The tower defense genre is one that has become extremely popular over the years. Although they can become quite complicated to develop, they are almost always very fun to play. I am here to walk you through the creation of one of these games.
Flash » Game Development — over 9 years ago
Series of tutorials that will teach you how to create old fashioned Ping Pong Game. First, we are going to create the Ping Pong ball and make it bouncing around the table!
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