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Flash Tutorials — Game Development

Flash » Game Development — almost 10 years ago
If you want to create a game you will probably reach the point where you need to animate a little sprite on the screen, the following tutorial is very simple, I will show you how you can control a sprite using the arrow keys.
Flash » Game Development — over 8 years ago
Once you play Sky Force or any other overhead shooter games (as I like to call them) you will find the most noticeable is the scrolling background it has. In this part of the tutorial I’ll be adding a continuous scrolling background that has two elements in it.
Flash » Game Development — about 10 years ago
In the last months I saw a lot of flash drawing games, like Line Rider and Softball. The concept is very simple yet addictive because the player has the capability to draw the stage. In the first part of this tutorial I'll cover the drawing. The
Flash » Game Development — about 8 years ago
In this tutorial, we are going to make a rhythm game in ActionScript 3.0
Flash » Game Development — over 7 years ago
In this tutorial we will be creating a mouse/shooting game of intermediate difficulty. Basic OOP concepts will be explained as well as some higher-level coding techniques. It has got a code structure that would work on most kind of flash games.
Flash » Game Development — over 9 years ago
Series of tutorials that will teach you how to create old fashioned Ping Pong Game. First, we are going to create the Ping Pong ball and make it bouncing around the table!
Flash » Game Development — almost 10 years ago
A different way to move a character in Flash, like in a game called Pacco.
Flash » Game Development — almost 7 years ago
In this lesson we’re going to create a little tank moving application. The core of this particular tutorial is to make a tank aim at the the mouse pointer and drive towards a mouse click.
Flash » Game Development — almost 10 years ago
This is the 1st part of a tutorial that will guide you into the creation of a game like ball revamped
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