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CSS Tutorials

CSS » Effects — over 6 years ago
Notepaper can be a great way to showcase quotes and other small written text on your websites, adding in a cute little feature. Today we'll break down how to code Pure CSS3 Notepaper Tutorial using HTML5 and CSS3.
CSS » Advanced Concepts — about 11 years ago
This technique of mine has been dubbed CSS RUB which stands for (Repeating Unique Behaviors). CSS RUB is taking a style sheet and breaking it down into logical categories that reveals common or rather repeated styles much faster while also helping organize your sheets.
CSS » Advanced Concepts — over 8 years ago
A quick roundup of what to expect in the new CSS4 specification, including being able to target parent elements!
CSS » Advanced Concepts — almost 8 years ago
Using the data-attribute of elements as content in CSS
CSS » Effects — about 6 years ago
A CSS3 and jQuery powered slide-in panel, to quickly show side content, notifications or profile information.
CSS » Advanced Concepts — over 6 years ago
In CSS there are two types of lists, unordered <ul> and ordered <ol>. Both of these should cover the basic requirements for a web developer, but styling ordered lists can be tricky.
CSS » Tips and Tricks — over 10 years ago
Sometimes it's okay to use longhand for CSS values. Here's an example explaining when that would be possible.
CSS » Tips and Tricks — over 10 years ago
Feature area in a theme serves a place to put the best article, breaking news or important notice for the readers. As you can see most online magazines and many high profile blogs have a featured post section.In this tutorial we will create a post that will sticky in feature post area.
CSS » Basics — about 11 years ago
In this two-part article we learn a few methods for enhancing user experience and making your WordPress blog a better place. In this part, we see how to use paginator, highlight searched text in search results, and use the CSS sliding doors technique within WordPress.In the second part we will create a dropdown menu for your categories, add a breadcrumb to your theme, display related posts and tabs on your sidebar.
CSS » Basics — almost 8 years ago
In this post we are going to look at one of my favourite features of the bootstrap...alert boxes. These are perfect to display a small message on the screen for different scenarios.
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