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CSS Tutorials — Tips and Tricks

CSS » Tips and Tricks — almost 11 years ago
Once you deleted the default post and comments, to add post login wp-admin click on ‘add new’ under posts. You can get the below widow on screen. Here you need to give your post title. Add your post content in inside the box in ‘visual’ mode. The below video will explain in detail about these things.
CSS » Tips and Tricks — almost 11 years ago
In this video tutorial deals about how to create site-map and archives for your blog. Normally thesis theme offers thesis options and design options. Inside the thesis options we can choose our archives pages similar to home page, or only title or like teaser box or post excerpts. Which type we want we can select in the display options.
CSS » Tips and Tricks — almost 11 years ago
Every website owners want to display their ads in header, sidebar, footer, and inside the post above or below. I already explain about how to place ad box inside the post of thesis theme. Here, you can learn about how to place the ad before the post title of thesis theme.
CSS » Tips and Tricks — almost 11 years ago
We know social book marking plays major role for driving traffic to your blog. So we need to place social book mark icons in perfect place of thesis theme. Most of the blogs uses bookmark icons at the end of the post and some of them using tweet meme, digg button before the post it will appear horizontally. I used these icons appear at the right side of the post vertically.
CSS » Tips and Tricks — almost 11 years ago
In this tutorial I will explain about 4 column widgetized footer. I already explain about 3 widgetized footer. In thesis theme, you can set your widgets easy. Here, this is widgetized footer for 4 columns. There is no restriction to add number of widgets in any columns. In thesis theme customization, by using widgetized footer you can simply drag and drop your widgets at any time.
CSS » Tips and Tricks — almost 11 years ago
In this tutorial I explain about how to create social bookmark links widget. You can use this widget in sidebar, footer, inside post and wherever you want in thesis theme by drag and drop in the widget box. This example I have created twitter, digg, rss and youtube links.
CSS » Tips and Tricks — almost 11 years ago
We all know navigation of a website gives more impression to the readers. Most of the people want important things like search box, categories in navigation. In this tutorial I am going to explain how to add google custom search box in navigation bar.
CSS » Tips and Tricks — about 11 years ago
A simple CSS replacement for a commonly used Javascript to make text disappear and reappear when you hover over a word in a sentence. All CSS and HTML, no Javascript used
CSS » Tips and Tricks — about 11 years ago
CSS can sometimes be a tricky business. There are times when even the simplest of layouts take some serious brainstorming! One of those frustrating times is when you want to create a series of columns of equal height, but the content in one column might be longer than the next. Here’s where the Faux Column technique steps in, let’s take a look at how this solution can make even the most complicated layout a breeze to code up.
CSS » Tips and Tricks — about 11 years ago
A quick website setup is what everybody loves these days. The level of competition has been raised so much that no webmaster can afford to let their prospects wait for his website to stand and run.
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