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Newest Tutorials

CSS » Basics — 24 days ago
An introduction to CSS for complete beginners.
Photography » Technique — 24 days ago
There are many ways photographers can capture a scene the way they want to. Amateurs simply let things be and shoot, while pros prefer to inject their own style and creative sense into the photos they take. This is what experimental photography is all about.
Illustrator » Basics — 24 days ago
Learn how to draw beautiful orchid in a pot with Illustrator. The tutorial is composed of two parts, creating the pot and creating the orchid plant. You will learn to create basic shapes, use the new techniques that involve the Transform, Blend and with a few effects.
Photoshop » Text Effects — 27 days ago
In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create a Marble Text Effect in Photoshop CS6. This tutorial will show you how to use Layer Styles and Brush Tool to create a simply Marble Text effect.
Illustrator » Basics — 27 days ago
This tutorial will teach you how to create a nice corn illustration. You will improve your skills blending colors! You will learn how to create shapes using the basic tools. Fill them with gradients and create the blended objects.
3ds Max » Modeling — 27 days ago
In this tutorial Crystal Russell will show you how to model a sideboard buffet for an interior scene using 3D geometry.
CSS » Fluid Layouts — 27 days ago
Sometimes ago I wrote on Responsive Web Design where I discussed the need of having a responsive website that scales well on every devices and some of the fundamental of responsive web design. I today’s tutorial, we are going to put those fundamentals into practice. Am going to show you How To Create Responsive Website From Scratch.
PHP » Site Navigation — 27 days ago
A tiny code snippet which allows you to disable the search feature in WordPress
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 27 days ago
Want to add a little punch to your photos? Try shooting in infrared to get oversaturated, dream-like images that really draw the viewer in.
Photography » Basics — 27 days ago
It’s a rat race for the world’s top camera brands to hold the title of “best camera.” But what is sometimes considered the “best” is based on personal bias—like sentiments for a brand or general lack of knowledge about another competitor. Or, we may succumb to the cliché that bigger is better, which in the camera world, usually means a price tag with an extra zero or two tacked onto the end.
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