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Newest Tutorials

CSS » Basics — 24 days ago
The following article is intended for demonstration purposes and shows how animation in CSS3 can be used to create analog clock with responsive design.
Photoshop » Designing — 24 days ago
Learn how to create "Halloween Card" with the decorative skull, skull brushes, pumpkin brains effect and creepy text.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — 24 days ago
Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial showing how to transform a photo of someone into a fun, colorful, LEGO toy portrait.
Photography » Basics — 24 days ago
Image sharpening is a big deal for many of us photographers. Thanks to amazing products such as Photoshop, a perfectly sharp image is just a few mouse-clicks away.
Photography » Technique — 24 days ago
Gregory Heisler is well known for his work as a presidential photographer, more notably being taking a controversial portrait of George Bush which caused Heisler’s privileges as a White House photographer to be revoked.
Photography » Basics — 24 days ago
If you’re just getting started with Photoshop, all the tools and options probably seem a little a overwhelming. The EDITING SOFTWARE is pretty expansive and can take a long time to master.
Photography » Lighting — 24 days ago
We all know that photography is about capturing light. We all know that the basic setup for a portrait requires three lights. Now for the ugly part: buying good quality studio PORTRAIT LIGHTS is expensive! Enter photography reflectors.
Photography » Technique — 24 days ago
For this session, Hoey used a Westcott 5-in-1 40″ collapsible reflector. These 5-in-1 models are handy because of their versatility and ability to fold up to a compact size. They are also light enough that your subject can hold them during a headshot session, though Hoey doesn’t recommend it since he says that can distort the subject’s shoulders.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 24 days ago
If you ask photographer Corey Rich, he’ll tell you he was a rock climber first and a photographer second. It is only natural that Rich would want to document his experiences as a rock climber, and his ability to combine his passion for the sport with photographer has paid off tenfold.
Photography » Lighting — 25 days ago
Photography can be an expensive enterprise, especially when going for the perfect portrait shot. Most professional photographers (and many amateurs) use complex and expensive lighting setups for portraiture, yet it’s totally possible to capture great portraits using less equipment.
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