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Newest Tutorials

Photography » Tips and Tricks — over 2 years ago
Shooting amazing landscape photography isn’t just about going out into the wilderness with a camera and hoping for the best. Sure, sometimes you get lucky, but to make sure you’re going to capture incredible images, there are a few things you should take into consideration before snapping the shutter. Check out landscape photographer Serge Ramelli‘s top 10 landscape photo tips.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — over 6 years ago
There is no doubt that the iPhone revolutionized mobile phones but in a less but still significant way it is also revolutionizing photography. In this segment we learn four useful tips that can help you get better photos from your iPhone.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — about 7 years ago
In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to Create a Surreal Natural Landscape Scene in Photoshop. This is an intermediate tutorial so some steps can be tricky, but why not have a try :)
Photoshop » Photo Effects — over 2 years ago
In this tutorial I show how to to make a color Wordle image and how to combine that image using Phototshop CC with a color photo of Steve Jobs to create Wordle Art. I used the words in quotations from Steve Jobs as well as some of the quotations themselves as intact phrases to create the Wordle.
Photography » Technique — over 4 years ago
Photographing light sources such as lamps without over exposing them or underexposing other objects in the image can be tricky. One way around this is to add the glow during post-processing using photo editing software such as Photoshop.
Photoshop » Web Layouts — almost 4 years ago
In this tutorial, you will learn how to design a navigation interface for your website designs using Photoshop.
Illustrator » Effects — almost 7 years ago
Doodle style is very popular now. Today we are going to master the technique of creating such a style, using Adobe Illustrator, effects, Appearance palette and Graphic Style palette. Having studied this tutorial, you can create quite complex images conveying light and shadow.
Illustrator » Basics — about 5 years ago
In this tutorial we will take a close look at the technique of creating blend objects that will help us to create smooth color transitions in Adobe Illustrator.
Photoshop » Drawing — over 12 years ago
Make a nice and clean CD.
Photography » Basics — about 4 years ago
Honnold, a well known rock climber who frequently undertakes death-defying climbs, appears to be enjoying the photo shoot, as the photographer puts him on a multitude of creative props. Aside from tackling a 1,500 foot climb up a vertical rock wall with no safety equipment, he also enjoys urban climbing—or free climbing—up building fronts.
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