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Newest Tutorials

Illustrator » Tips and Tricks — about 7 years ago
In-line editing of the Embedded images outside Adobe Illustrator in raster graphics editors like Photoshop using native functions is impossible. To do this you first need to unembed an image. Rasterino allows conducting in-line editing of the Embedded images in a much easier and faster way.
Photoshop » Basics — almost 12 years ago
In this simple and quick tutorial I will show you the easiest way I know to make one of those images you see where there is a picture of an object but looks like it is split up into multiple pictures.
Photography » Lighting — about 8 years ago
Understanding how different types of light can affect the results of a photo, allows you to get the most out of your photo opportunities – and will help you to spot great lighting conditions when you see them!
Photography » Basics — over 8 years ago
When you think of a professional photographer, you probably think of a clean-cut person wearing slacks and a nice button-up shirt or blouse who owns a large studio and a hundred pieces of expensive photography equipment. You may also think of them as treating their job like a science, knowing where and how to pose every person, what exact lighting to use, and what angle to use for each shot.
PHP » Database Interactions — over 11 years ago
Polls are nearly ubiquitous on the web today, and there are plenty of services that will provide a drop-in poll for you. But what if you want to write one yourself? This tutorial will take you through the steps to create a simple PHP-based poll, including database setup, vote processing, and displaying the poll.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — almost 8 years ago
The fun and hectic days of summer are upon us, and that means taking lots of photos at backyard barbecues, days at the beach, camping trips, and other fun outdoor activities. But just because it’s bright and sunny out doesn’t mean every photo is guaranteed to turn out right. In fact, summer photography comes with challenges—a glaring sun, blinding reflections from the water, just to name a couple.
Photography » Composition — over 9 years ago
Continuing on with our love of new time-lapse projects, we bring you Christophe Thockler’s music video for “Un Jour Comme un Autre” by French trip-hop artist Degiheugi for his album “Dancing Chords and Fireflies”. Through over 35,000 photographs arranged in 120 time-lapses, Thockler tells Degiheugi’s story of the world in one day, in one four-minute film:
Photography » Basics — over 8 years ago
Farrell also states that he shoots RAW 95% of the time, “because having that RAW data is priceless.” Given the high dynamic range of many of the sunsets and landscape scenes he prefers to shoot, the RAW information enables Farrell to fine tune the highlights and shadows.
3ds Max » Rendering — about 8 years ago
Tutorial for 3ds Max Materials. Use Standard and Mental Ray materials for rendering your models.
Photography » Basics — about 8 years ago
This new course is designed to teach photographers the techniques used by professionals to get great photos – every time – even in the most difficult conditions at parties, weddings, concerts, corporate functions, nightclubs, fashion shows, fast-moving sports games, festivals, and more. To have the equipment and knowledge ready so you’ll never again feel nervous or out of your league when photographing an event again.
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