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Newest Tutorials

PHP » Basics — 3 days ago
For both style and seo reaasons, having bold first paragraph content in your wordpress website is a smart feature. While searching for a quick and easy to use method of implementing this feature, I came across a handy PHP snippet that makes your first paragraph bold or larger. This PHP snippet works alongside CSS which allows you to style your first paragraph anyway you want!
Photoshop » Textures — 3 days ago
This tutorial will teach you how to quickly add some extra interest to plain looking textures using Photoshop filters and layer styles.
CSS » Effects — 3 days ago
This tutorial covers 4 simple CSS transitions you can use to enhance your buttons and add a little flare to your web page.
CSS » Advanced Concepts — 3 days ago
Enhance user experience on your website and keep your visitors informed about the progress of the task with this eye-catching 3D CSS Progress Bar.
Photography » Technique — 3 days ago
As with any kind of photography, product photography is all about the light. Getting great lighting for product shots can be somewhat tricky if you have only one light.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 3 days ago
The bottom line with any photography learning experience is figuring out how to take great images. That is the result all of us are looking for. If we aren’t actually taking great photos then what’s the point of learning? By putting into practice some simple steps, your photography will improve immediately.
Photography » Basics — 3 days ago
You may think diffusion filters are a thing of the past, but pro photographer Jay P. Morgan thinks they are starting to make a great comeback. In the video below, he compares three different Tiffen diffusion filters and breaks down the pros and cons of each.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 3 days ago
In a world dominated by visuals, cellphone cameras, and hobby photographers, it can be tough to break into the photography industry. A bit of good trade advice, especially from a major industry player, is always welcomed.
Photography » Basics — 3 days ago
Confused about flash sync speeds? Wondering why you can’t sync to your flash at high shutter speeds? If you answered yes, it turns out you are not alone.
Photography » Basics — 3 days ago
When taking slow shutter speed shots, I sometimes use shutter priority mode on my camera, which is the Tv (time value) setting on my Canon camera and the S setting on Nikon cameras. And now with my camera in shutter priority mode, I’m going to slow my shutter speed down to 1/15 of a second to start. Depending if you’re shooting in daylight or dark, you might have to tweak your f-stop a bit to get the desired effect.
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