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Newest Tutorials

Photography » Technique — 19 days ago
Nature is amazing–and it’s possible to discover so much about the natural world with macro photography. Photographer Thomas Shahan explains that “with relatively modest inexpensive equipment, you can share with others things they previously would not have been able to see with their own eyes.”
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 19 days ago
Aaron Nace offers us another great tutorial that is incredibly helpful. It’s actually possible to create natural-looking snow from scratch in Photoshop. And, it’s easy; you just need to make a custom brush and use some blurring methods.
PHP » Image Manipulation — 19 days ago
A tiny PHP code which allows you to stop the automatic image compression performed by WordPress on the uploaded images to reduce its size.
HTML » Basics — 19 days ago
Learn how to specify the character encoding set of the external script file linked to your HTML document.
Photography » Lighting — 19 days ago
We see a stunning portrait—maybe hanging on a wall somewhere—and we think, “Wow! My work doesn’t look like THAT!” Then we run out and spend thousands of dollars buying the latest equipment, books on photography lighting techniques, and so on.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 19 days ago
Sometimes the colors in a photograph just don’t mesh. You may not be able to notice it right away; the photo just seems off for some reason. But it could be as simple as the fact that the colors don’t complement each other.
Photography » Technique — 21 days ago
Light painting is an interesting way to shoot creative photos of ordinary objects. The best thing is you don’t need a lot of fancy stuff to do light painting. In fact, you probably already have everything you need.
Photography » Basics — 21 days ago
I’ve explained this so many times over, and every time it’s for the same reason: people dive into technical stuff way too early on and get confused to the point of quitting. It’s hard for somebody who doesn’t do well with electronics to understand sensor sensitivity or how the lens opening affects the depth of field. That is understandable because most of us are artists not professors in physics, after all.
Photography » Technique — 21 days ago
Okay this one’s going to a bit messy, and it’s highly recommended that you do not try this at home without safety glasses and other protective gear.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 21 days ago
Shooting coastal photography can yield some of your most breathtaking shots, but it’s not without its difficulties. Get eight professional tips that will help you capture the wild beauty of the coast in high-quality images.
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