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Newest Tutorials

CSS » Basics — almost 13 years ago
It is not nesessery to use div. We distribute the links:
Photography » Tips and Tricks — almost 9 years ago
Taking great vineyard images can be challenging. Pictures can turn out blurry, have sunspots and lighting issues or just have nothing to distinguish them from a million other vineyard shots.
PHP » Content Management Systems — over 6 years ago
One of the most impressive features of WordPress is its extensibility. Plugins can extend WordPress and provide it with extra functionality – they can add to security, provide social functions, search engine optimization, and many more. I’ve gathered ten plus something of these plugins that you will surely find very useful for your WordPress site, let it be a blog, a portfolio, or anything else!
Photoshop » Web Layouts — over 16 years ago
This tutorial will show you the basics of how to slice a webpage layout into sections.
Photoshop » Effects — almost 13 years ago
Learn to create a sleek fold effect for your text boxes in this photoshop tutorial
Photography » Technique — about 6 years ago
Beauty dishes are widely used modifiers in portrait photography and can help to create a number of key “beauty effects.” Rather than diffusing the light like a soft box, a beauty dish focuses harder light in the center, while falling off around the edges, creating a concentrated pool of light that can both soften skin and create beautiful shadows to sculpt facial features.
Photography » Basics — almost 6 years ago
Fisheye lenses are infamous for shooting “hot”—the lens captures so much area that the meter often gets confused, allowing in too much light. Normally the answer would be to just screw on a neutral density filter, but the design of most fisheye and wide angle lenses makes it almost impossible on many cameras.
Photoshop » Effects — over 15 years ago
Create a nice looking newspaper tear to show off quotes.
Photoshop » Text Effects — over 15 years ago
Add a marble type of texture into your text.
Photography » Technique — over 5 years ago
When asked how to diagnose eye cancer, the first things that come to mind are usually lots of lab work, trips to doctor’s offices, and sitting nervously in waiting rooms. Few of us ever imagine that we might hold the key to early detection of children’s eye cancer right in our hands! Check out the innovative campaign the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust has put out showing parents perhaps the simplest test ever for finding cancer.
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