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Newest Tutorials

Photoshop » Color — about 13 years ago
This tutorial shows you how to color hair.
PHP » Site Navigation — over 2 years ago
Simple php script identifies the browser name you are using in the mobile and desktop.
JavaScript » Using Third Party Libraries — over 7 years ago
In this tutorial we are going to use jQuery and CSS3 rotations, along with the jQuery rotate plugin, to create a beautiful slideshow. You can use it to spice up your web sites, product pages and other projects with some CSS3 magic.
Java » Basics — over 2 years ago
Using this code you can do Datatable sorting using jquery to alter order of the content in data table. To run this jquery code you should download datatable plugin. Reply me if you have doubt regarding this code.
Photoshop » Basics — about 13 years ago
Transform multi vector shape layers with this simple little trick.
3ds Max » Effects — over 8 years ago
Build a Reusable Light Rig in Maya
PHP » Database Interactions — over 6 years ago
Hello Everyone... I have been going through various PHP tutorials but I was sad to see there isn't any tutorial that teaches you database connectivity and adding data through object oriented style of programming. So I thought of doing it myself just to fill the missing link..This is a basic tutorial that is based on Database Connectivity through OOP technique.
CSS » Tips and Tricks — almost 9 years ago
NAPP Instructor RC Concepcion shows you how to use Dreamweaver CS4 to redefine HTML tags and create descendant selectors.
Photography » Basics — almost 4 years ago
The image was captured by Matt Hutton, an Australian landscape photographer who was testing out some new lenses on Kalbarri Beach near Perth. The surfer, Trent Sherborne, had never met Hutton before and was just as surprised when two dolphins began jumping up alongside him.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — almost 10 years ago
Instructor Richard Harrington explains how you can quickly rate your images & change how you view images in Aperture 2.
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