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Newest Tutorials

Photoshop » Basics — 3 days ago
This tutorial will show you two ways to open and edit JPG files like they are RAW photos in Photoshop.
Photography » Technique — 3 days ago
Many photographers think that the next step after shooting in auto mode is jumping right into manual. But, as landscape and architecture photographer Wayne Moran says, it’s all about baby steps. Start with a semi-manual mode like Aperture Priority to take control of your camera.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 3 days ago
Photographer Jay P. Morgan shows us how to shoot beautiful images of wild animals without getting killed! Armed with his Tamron 150-600mm lens and a liberal amount of advice from his father (who shot for National Geographic), Morgan arrived at Yellowstone National Park and shared 11 tips for wildlife photography.
Photography » Basics — 3 days ago
Digital photography has done us all a great disservice. Yes, digital has certainly made the craft more accessible to artists of all experience levels and it has birthed technological advancements that the old masters probably never even dreamed of—but it has also arguably made photography too “easy.”
HTML » Cross Browser Development — 3 days ago
Today we want to share some simple hover effects with you. These effects are suit for eCommerce website and they will help your product page look more attractive. For the icons we are using Font-Awesome and the images are from picjumbo.com Note that these effects will only work in modern browsers. You’ll have to provide a suitable fallback if you’d like to support for older browsers.
PHP » Cookies and Sessions — 3 days ago
A handy PHP code snippet which detect whether the visitor is logged in or not in WordPress.
Photoshop » Effects — 3 days ago
Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial showing how to create a fun, retro, monochrome, card of your favorite person in front of a chalkboard filled with custom text and chalk cartoons.
Illustrator » Text Effects — 3 days ago
How to apply a Stipple effect to your text in Adobe Illustrator
Illustrator » Logos and Icons — 3 days ago
Today we will learn how to create dynamic Hipster logo using VectorScribe, InkScribe, Rasterino and Symbols. Using this knowledge, you can easily create a collection of logos using only one template. This is just another timesaver tutorial, so let’s get started!
CSS » Advanced Concepts — 3 days ago
Bootstrap is the most popular and widely used HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing responsive mobile first web projects. It is developed by the team at Twitter and its open source. Twitter Bootstrap is developed base on the grid system. Using Bootstrap, you can save a lot of time and efforts. Bootstrap 3 which is the latest version has lot of features compared to the previous version (Bootstrap 2).
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