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Newest Tutorials

Photography » Basics — 19 days ago
I asked Williams if he could share a few details about his process for PictureCorrect readers, and he kindly provided lots of background information for aspiring timelapse photographers.
CSS » Basics — 19 days ago
For any front-ender or coder, sooner or later the time comes to create his/her own small framework. It usually consists of those rules and functions that had to be repeated in every recent project.
Photoshop » Text Effects — 19 days ago
Realistic "Smart Idea" 3D letters. Learn how to create realistic brain text effect. This Adobe Photoshop tutorial will show how to apply gray cells, blood vessel texture and light reflections to the 3D shapes.
Photography » Technique — 19 days ago
Most photographers aren’t fortunate enough to have a permanent studio setting where they can spend time developing a personalized lighting setup that provides them with a consistent body of work. Rather, most professionals travel to photo shoots and have to work with the light and backgrounds that are available on site.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 23 days ago
Are you just starting out in photography? If you are, then here’s a helpful list of pointers pertaining to digital photography basics. These pointers will give your images a massive kick start in terms of quality, and it doesn’t matter what camera you have.
Photography » Basics — 23 days ago
Interestingly, Shindler says that the creating the plates is a quite simple process (they aren’t manufactured anywhere) and the processing afterwards is also quite simple. This begs the question: why aren’t many people doing it? It is obviously cool and unique. And it brings you back to the roots of photography. I’ll certainly try it out, if I can manage to find the ingredients.
Photography » Lighting — 23 days ago
The above album shows the movement of a kayaker’s paddle through the water. Orlando’s calls these types of images “motion exposure.”
Photography » Technique — 23 days ago
Steele says that if you want accurate color in your photographs, you need to know how to set white balance. He gives us two ways to do so: setting white balance directly in your camera while shooting, and altering white balance in post-production.
Photography » Basics — 23 days ago
This ability to identify a genuine smile has an obvious use in photography. In real life, there are way too many distractions that can help a fake smile pass as genuine—distractions such as sound, conversation, and so on. In a photo, however, the smile is frozen in time; there’s lots of time to look at it, thus the bigger the chance to spot a fake smile and therefore not capture the true essence of a person.
Photography » Lighting — 23 days ago
The light in this is a little too harsh for the photographer’s taste. Shaden recruits a fancy diffuser—a sheet of paper, in this case, which reduces the harsh light of the lamp. You can also use tissue paper or a pillowcase to diffuse the light.
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