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Newest Tutorials

Photoshop » Basics — 11 days ago
A simple Photoshop tutorial for beginners, demonstrating how to "blend" two images -- how to fade one to another with a solid-to-transparent gradient.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 11 days ago
Dancing is one of the finest arts ever known to man. The graceful movements, the poetry in motion and the music. Everything about dancing is a feast for the senses – especially for the eyes. The lure of dancing is simply irresistible, which is why a lot of photographers love making it their central subject.
Illustrator » Effects — 11 days ago
Today we will talk about Features Using Linked and Embedded images in Adobe Illustrator. You will also learn How to Apply Link images function of Rasterino plug-in for multiple images and benefits of this function compared to the native one.
Illustrator » Basics — 16 days ago
Hi guys, if you’re a tech geek like I am, I know you are absolutely going to love this neat tutorial on how to create a vintage looking Macintosh, using Adobe Illustrator.
PHP » Database Interactions — 16 days ago
This is a simple tutorial that shows How To Populate Drop Down Menu From Database In PHP. This is going to be a simple and straightforward tutorial. Without wasting time, let begin. We will be create a test database and some sample data to use for the purpose of this tutorial. Below is the schema that create our fruits table.
Photography » Basics — 16 days ago
You can know exactly what gear to buy and which settings to shoot in, but if you don’t haven’t mastered composition your photographs will always disappoint. Composition tells viewers where to look and guides the viewer’s eye through the photograph.
Photography » Basics — 16 days ago
At only 22-years-old, Nguyen Dinh An easily rolls, kicks, spins, and dances his way around the photo shoot. The seemingly strange behavior is actually part of Nguyen’s special technique to put his subjects at ease. His acrobatic ninja rolls and Michael Jackson moonwalks trigger genuine smiles and laughs.
Photography » Basics — 16 days ago
Watching your camera shutter die a slow and painful death is unnerving. That’s exactly what happened to photographer Myles Dunphy while on a trip to Fiji. The shutter on his Canon 5D Mark II huffed and puffed and then simply gave up.
Photography » Basics — 16 days ago
Like so many others, Lawton hadn’t used film cameras since he was a small child. Since he usually shot professionally with digital, he felt the need to grow as a photographer and experience the joys of film photography.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 24 days ago
The goal is to be in control of the light all the time. Even if you are outdoors, you can still control the light by using obstacles to block it, reflectors to direct it, flash to augment it, and so on.
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