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Newest Tutorials

Photoshop » Web Graphics — almost 11 years ago
Create a good looking transparent navigation menu
Photography » Lighting — about 8 years ago
Reflective objects could be a real pain to photograph. In this tutorial, we explain the basic physics of light by demonstrating in a video how to create a superb image with minimalistic equipment.
Photoshop » Photo Retouch — about 11 years ago
Sometimes the skin on the photo could look better. This tutorial explains how to do that.
Photoshop » Buttons — almost 11 years ago
Create a pushing button
Photoshop » Designing — almost 11 years ago
Learn to make this a glossy web 2.0 style folder icon. Easy and fun!
Photoshop » Web Layouts — about 11 years ago
This tutorial will show you how to create a summer themed web layout.
Photoshop » Effects — about 11 years ago
Easy step by step tutorial showing how to mix vectors with a photo to create a really modern and beautiful design....
Photoshop » Text Effects — over 10 years ago
Learn how to add a simple golden effect to some text of your choice. Ya know... bling bling ;)
Photography » Technique — over 3 years ago
Perhaps you’ve tried quite a few times to take a picture of a fast-moving car or motorcycle, and you’ve ended up with just a blurry image. But, behold, here we tell you how to capture an incredible high-speed image outside a studio.
Photoshop » Photo Effects — almost 11 years ago
In this lesson we’ll take a black and white image and colorize it. Instead of going for a completely realistic style (which will also be achieved in this lesson, if that’s what you’re aiming for) our end result will look a but unnatural, but will also serve to highlight what’s colored, and make the black and white background that much more important.
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