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Newest Tutorials

Photoshop » Effects — about 1 month ago
Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial showing how to create a vintage, carnival sideshow curtain with custom text and spotlights.
Photography » Lighting — about 1 month ago
“Flashy” looking photos, red eyes, and washed out subjects – a misguided flash in the hands of the wrong person can cause horrendous results. Some photographers avoid flash photography altogether, while others only use it when it’s dark, and there are few options available for lighting.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 1 month ago
Photowalk or photowalking is one of the most popular activities that photographers love doing. Aside from being fun, a photowalk presents interesting opportunities for creating stories with pictures.
Illustrator » Drawing — about 1 month ago
A tutorial on how to create a Cactuar style character in Illustrator.
PHP » Content Management Systems — about 1 month ago
In this post, I will show you how to add a custom field to the WooCommerce checkout page.
Photoshop » Photo Retouch — about 1 month ago
This tutorial will teach you how make skin smoother, and how to make charming eyes. By simply adjustment layers you will make better colors.
Photography » Technique — about 1 month ago
Starbursts render a magical effect in landscape compositions, especially when the technique is done correctly. A lot of photographers capture starbursts accidentally, but if you know the exact process, you can recreate the magic at will.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 1 month ago
You are awaiting the birth of your baby with much anticipation, and the first thing on your to-do list is to look for a newborn photographer to capture those first few moments of your blissful baby’s innocent face. Even if you are not hiring a professional, with these tips you can take beautiful pictures of your little angel in her heavenly bliss.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — about 1 month ago
Most photographers don’t quite know where to start. They wish they could work with the best of brands and the best of celebrities without an inkling of a clue where to begin. Most end up doing things which they never aspired to do for the sake of getting to the level where they could do what they originally sought out to. While there is no shame in doing that, photographer Marcus Smith has a completely different idea.
Photography » Basics — about 1 month ago
Film photography may seem like a relic of the past, but it’s gaining increasing popularity lately. And many photographers claim it’s still the best way to really learn the technical ins and outs of cameras. But it can seem complicated to those of us who are used to our digital cameras’ semi-automatic modes.
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