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Newest Tutorials

Photography » Tips and Tricks — 3 months ago
Want to be really creative with your portraits? Dutch Photoshop wizard, photographer, designer, and artist Dracorubio, has a unique way of blending art forms in Photoshop to create breathtaking images.
Photography » Technique — 3 months ago
For this set of portraits, Grimes placed a 36″ Rapid Box softbox over the camera and used a reflector to bounce some light back up under the model’s chin. Grimes likes using a light gray background, so he puts his subject close to the background—but not too close. Keep in mind that this exact setup can work for low key portraiture.
Photography » Technique — 3 months ago
When using camera flash while photographing your pets, you’ve probably noticed that their eyes get color casts akin to red eye in humans. If you try to fix this in post-production the same way as you would fix human red eye, Photoshop will just desaturate and darken the area. The eyes will look washed out and awkward.
Photography » Tips and Tricks — 3 months ago
In this article, I want to focus on creating the perfect composition. But before we can create something perfect, we have to know what perfect looks like.
Illustrator » Drawing — 3 months ago
In today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to make a Kokeshi-style Japanese doll in Illustrator.
Photoshop » Basics — 3 months ago
Important Note For Photoshop CC Users:- At some parts of it. This tutorial explain Resizing Images in Photoshop using pictures of some old dialogs that has changed in Photoshop CC
PHP » Content Management Systems — 3 months ago
In this post, we will see how we can add a Favicon to our WordPress Website or blog
JavaScript » Document Object Model — 3 months ago
A handy jQuery code snippet, useful for to determine whether the image is loaded properly without any errors or not.
Photography » Color — 3 months ago
Split toning is a technique that was originally developed back in the film days. It involves applying a color tint to the highlights and shadows of a photograph. Lightroom users are probably already aware of the Split Toning tool – today we’ll look at achieving similar results using Adobe Photoshop.
HTML » Basics — 3 months ago
Tutorial showing How to Display an Archive Title for WordPress Custom Post Types
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