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Newest Tutorials

Photography » Lighting — over 5 years ago
When the timelapse was made on the night of February 1st, aurora borealis had come out to play over Abisko National Park 29 out of the 32 nights that had passed so far in the year, making 2014 a great year to witness the lights.
Ruby on Rails » Basics — over 8 years ago
Ruby is a one of the most popular languages used on the web. We’ve started a new Session here on Nettuts+ that will introduce you to Ruby, as well as the great frameworks and tools that go along with Ruby development. In this lesson, we’ll look at using regular expression in Ruby.
Photography » Lighting — over 8 years ago
This is an indoor portrait taken in near darkness, resembling a birthday cake shot. You’ll need: A darkish room the doesn’t have a lot of stray light coming in, One or more candles, and willing model.
CSS » Advanced Concepts — almost 4 years ago
In swift there are two types of For Loops: 1: for-in loop & 2: simple “for” loop. To know more about these loops please visit the link http://findnerd.com/list/view/LoopsControl-statement--in-Swift/3774/
Photoshop » Text Effects — over 5 years ago
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a retro, 3-dimensional text effect using nothing but the Photoshop basics and some clever creativity.
3ds Max » Rendering — over 10 years ago
A tutorial that explains how to add a depth of field effect, by rendering a separate z depth pass.
PHP » File Manipulation — almost 4 years ago
An Utility to Search Text in All Files of Any Directory in PHP
Illustrator » Drawing — almost 11 years ago
Create a Sweet Pair of Glossy Vector Lips
Photoshop » Drawing — over 8 years ago
So, welcome once again to another tutorial from me. Before I start, I would like to point out, this tutorial is for tablet users only. Everything found here has been from personal experiences.In this little tutorial, I’ll show you my process of a very simple comic book character coloring in Adobe Photoshop CS3. I had decided I just wanted to draw a comicbook frame or a comicbook page and since comicbooks are one of my favourite painting subjects, I decided to paint a carton boy character.
Illustrator » Tips and Tricks — over 5 years ago
Is there an autosave feature in Adobe Illustrator?, this question has been asked by many users over the past two decades. I always heard the short answer - no. This feature is particularly relevant now that the latest releases of Adobe Illustrator, unfortunately, are not very stable. Now, thanks to Autosaviour we got autosave feature. In addition, the plug-in can create backup of the previous version of the file.
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