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JavaScript » Accessibility — about 1 month ago — awaiting moderation
If you trying to disable a submit button until a form is filled then you can do this easily using jQuery.
CSS » Basics — 30 days ago — awaiting moderation
Social media is one of main source to grow your blog readers these days. Social media website are having millions of users and It
PHP » Database Interactions — 29 days ago — awaiting moderation
MySQLi is the improved extension of MySQL. MYSQLi (“i” stands from “improved”) extension is used in PHP to provide an interface of MySQL Database.
PHP » Basics — 29 days ago — awaiting moderation
Pagination is required in web project commonly. Whenever we get a huge amount of data access from database to display
PHP » Forms — 28 days ago — awaiting moderation
In this article we are going to see how to validate a HTML form using PHP. We have already written about how to validate form........
PHP » Database Interactions — 28 days ago — awaiting moderation
In previous article we have discussed that MySQL is depreciated and their alternative options are MySQLi and PDO(PHP Data Object) .
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — 28 days ago — awaiting moderation
In this tutorial we will learn basic of object-oriented programming in PHP and how to write simple object oriented PHP code.
Java » File Management — 27 days ago — awaiting moderation
Programming Language alludes to the calculation language that is engraved through coding and translating so as to impart directions to PC. It is likewise named as machine language which is handled by interpreters and mediators so as to execute a given undertaking in PC. Help Me in Homework gives administrations, for example, Programming task help and programming homework help to understudies so they can get decent evaluations.
HTML » Basics — 20 days ago — awaiting moderation
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PHP » Basics — 19 days ago — awaiting moderation
We all know that $_POST is used to collect post data in PHP. That’s true. But when we try to get JSON post data using $_POST then it fails.