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Java » Basics — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS are two big names in the cloud computing world. Given the several benefits offered by the cloud - on-demand scalability, reduced costs, effective operations - many businesses, regardless of their sizes, have already started moving towards it. If you are also planning to move your business to the cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS are certainly two big players to choose from.
PHP » Security — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Security begins with knowing your own weaknesses and web developers would really be wise to start probing those weaknesses with Nmap. This tutorial will show you how to install Nmap, walk you through basic commands & even includes a handy cheat sheet of all command options.
Java » Best Practices — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
J2ME offers an extraordinary flexible and robust platform for developing mobile applications with enterprise class performance, reliability and value. We cover every aspect of industrial strength applications with J2ME: design, architecture, tools, processes and business issues.
Ruby » Best Practices — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Whenever you create an application it is never for lifetime, there is always something and better comes in the market, and once we talk about rails application, it comes pretty quickly. After every few months rails comes with a new version, and we are ready with talks whether to update application or not. So these are the points that we should keep in our mind before upgrading our project to a higher level of rails version. Read more at FindNerd.
HTML » Basics — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Evon Technologies provides Offshore software development,Custom web design and mobile applications development within fixed time duration. It was founded in 2006 with the intention to provide services in the areas of Web Development & designing,Software development,iOS and android Mobile application,Custom web designing with 100+ experienced professionals working on different technologies.
PHP » Forms — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
In this blog we will learn, how to made payment with Braintree getway. First download the library, register with Braintree and get merchant id. Create customer id & fill customer details with Braintree. There are two ways define to make payment with Braintree first with existing customer & the other is new customer. Read more at FindNerd.
Java » Best Practices — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
The term Big Data has created a lot of hype already in the business world. Chief managers know that their marketing strategies are most likely to yield successful results when planned around big data analytics. For simple reasons, use of big data analytics helps improve business intelligence, boost lead generation efforts, provide personalized experiences to customers and turn them into loyal ones.
PHP » Content Management Systems — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Pagination technique is used to fetch small amount data stored in a database inspite of fetching all the data at once from the database. It is very usefull technique it load the page fast. You can make Simple and Best Pagination in just 3 Steps.You may also like ajax pagination using PHP and MySQL.
Java » Basics — over 3 years ago — awaiting moderation
Vuforia is basically used for image recognization or object recognization, you can scan from local images or from cloud database.In this tutorial, we will learn how to use vuforia service to recognize images from cloud database. First of all, you have to create account in vuforia developer portal then go to develop tab and create an application there. Read more at FindNerd.
JavaScript » Advanced Topics — over 3 years ago — awaiting moderation
Skill Bar is a modern way to give rating like if you want to compare mobile phones in terms of performance then skill bar is one of the best option to show performance rating in front of user there are number of ways to use this modern rating method skill bar.In this tutorial we will show you how to create animated skill bar using jQuery, HTML and CSS.