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JavaScript » Basics — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Adobe Flex (formerly Macromedia Flex) has become the most preferred tool for the development of Rich Internet Applications. Flex developers around the world are busy developing ever more robust games and websites. What makes Flex development so powerful is the use of Adobe ActionScript, which is an object-oriented language.
Java » Basics — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Web development was revolutionized by Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) which brought in gloss and interactivity. Flash Lite development has created the same impact on mobile development. Launched it 2005 this platform has become immensely popular in the mobile development community with Flash Lite developers churning out robust applications for mobile phones.
HTML » Basics — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Are you a professional blogger? Then you must have understood the prominence of WordPress, overshadowing Drupal. Many professional bloggers are now converting their web pages from Drupal to WordPress- https://goo.gl/Pe0gHE. Reason? WordPress is easier, better, and user-friendlier. Many tech savvy people may argue that Drupal is the ideal place for technically sound ones.
Ruby » Basics — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
If you think, Windows mobile has gone out of fashion, maybe you will want to give it a second thought. With more and more mobile companies taking up windows OS for their mobiles, vertical devices and set top boxes, you would definitely not like to let the chance go amiss.
Ruby » Libraries — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
JWT's full form is JSON Web Token. It is based on the concept that, it encrypts the authentication information into a compact JSON object, instead of passing the unique token of the user, which was required to be stored in the DB. With API becoming so popular these days thanks to SPA base applications, it was also required to keep these APIs secure. Read more at Findnerd.
Java » Basics — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
This is the age of mobile computing, where all the tasks and applications of computer system can be performed on mobile platform. These applications cater for faster and easier access to all computing operations, right on your mobile phone set. Thanks to Adobe Flash Platform that these applications have become friendlier with multiple operating systems and browsers.
HTML » Basics — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
What is the best way to keep in touch with your friends and family in today’s hectic lifestyle? The answer is, through social networking websites. In many ways it has been a boon to thousands; in fact millions of people who would otherwise have been living secluded yet busy life
HTML » Basics — almost 4 years ago — awaiting moderation
Hey…did you know the blogs are dead? That they have been murdered! Yes, they are no more with us… blogging is dead! Let’s observe two minutes of silence for the poor soul. Just heard, the poor blogs have been replaced. Now, they are on the way of going obsolete in its true terms. Who took their place?…ahh…microblogging of course!
HTML » Basics — over 3 years ago — awaiting moderation
When all you want is an application that runs faster and accommodates more than you can imagine, PHP is the technology you are looking for! And, here is where Evon comes in! We not only get you a PHP application made in a jiffy, but also add scalability and flexibility to it like never before.
Java » Networking — over 3 years ago — awaiting moderation
e provide Open Social Network Integration services that cater to all your Open social media services requirement. We also Provide Facebook API development Services that cater to your social netwqork integration service requirements.