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PHP: How to Create a Custom WordPress Metabox with OOP

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PHP » Object Oriented Programming — 7 months ago
WordPress Metabox is an additional content that can be added for any post type (post, page or custom). Every metabox can be used to display some information or to enable the user to insert additional information. In this tutorial we will learn how to easily create additional metaboxes using object oriented programming (OOP).


avatarstareromp 6 months ago

Its outstanding

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avatarlochsaseam 4 months ago

Thats phenomenal

avatardustdefended 3 months ago

Its incredible :)

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avatarlambdabarlow 3 months ago

Its superb

avatardegreezoe 3 months ago

its good.......

avatarkarmalists 2 months ago

Its really good :)

avatarseeportato about 1 month ago

Extremely good...!!

avatarepochduring about 1 month ago

Its nice

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Really good

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Its incredible

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avatarrascalbivvy about 1 month ago

Its really good :)

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Its fabulous

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