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PHP: Add a new Tab to BuddyPress Profile Page

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PHP » Content Management Systems — 10 months ago
uddyPress is a plugin that transforms your WordPress site in a Social Network. Changing or extending the profile page is a common thing then, especially if you are working on a custom WordPress solution. In this tutorial you will learn how to add an additional tab on the profile page.


avatarcrumpetssing 8 months ago


avatargermanmurias512 7 months ago

Really Impressed!

avatarpluckdiss 4 months ago

not bad

avatarquichedoon 2 months ago

Its fabulous

avatarmedalgiant 2 months ago

Its fabulous

avatarkarmalists about 1 month ago


avatarrascalbivvy 23 days ago


avatarowlleep 3 days ago

Really Good

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