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HTML: How to Avoid HTML Mistakes

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HTML » Basics — about 5 years ago
Hello Reader's Here is the article which will help you to know, How to Avoid HTML Mistakes In this article I will guide you how to avoid minor mistakes when create an HTML Page. For full information, Visit full Blog. http://findnerd.com/list/view/How-to-Avoid-HTML-Mistakes/4318/


avatarchristian12 almost 2 years ago

12 Common HTML Mistakes. Missing or incorrect DOCTYPE. The DOCTYPE tells Web browsers what version of HTML your page is using. Missing Character Encoding. Unsupported tags or attributes. Improperly formatted HTML. Improper Tables. Missing ALT Text. Head content must be within the <head> Missing </body> or </html> tags:for more visit:https://www.domyhomework.co/computer-science-assignment-help.html

avatarjohannaquizel over 1 year ago

Will you update the list of common mistakes? Or, probably, make the second part of this list?

avatarkarladavisio 5 months ago

Its good

avatargrantc25 about 1 month ago
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