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Maya: Spec Maps and Masks in UDK

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Maya » Textures — about 8 years ago
In this lesson, Ricardo Rambarran is going to demonstrate how to use color channels within specular maps to create masks inside of UDK. A cool tips for sure, so don't miss it!


avatarTrustRank2 over 1 year ago

Brilliant Tutorial! Love what you can do with video

avatarexpertsseo about 1 year ago

Nice tutorial. Very useful. Baptiste from couvreur Reims Marne.

avatarFreddie 7 months ago

Glad I did not miss out on this Fred - https://www.hairtransplantsbirmingham.co.uk

avatarburana 3 months ago

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avatarJuvanta 3 months ago

Thanks for the detailed explanation about using the color channel with specular maps create a mask in the UDK photo clipping service and I really wish detailed information related to it should have been shared with might be helpful for those who are following it

avatarphetmaharath 3 months ago

thanks for sharing, I am local landscaper.

avatar123vega 1 day ago

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