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Flash: Unlimited masking effects using 1 animation in Flash.

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Flash » Tips and Tricks — over 9 years ago
Here I’m going to tell you a technique, by using this technique you can make unlimited Masking effects using 1 animation. I bet you never learn this kind of technique, I’ve also uploaded Source FLA files for your convenience. You only have to change one Tween, then your animation would be having different style. So hopefully you will enjoy working on it.


avatartirathkumar over 9 years ago

Awesome tutorial thanks so much for your very good useful tutorial I learn so much form you really this types on making tutorials are very rare in internet but you done is so nicely Keep doing good work God bless you :-)

avatarstunningmesh over 9 years ago

Thanks a lot for you comments. We are tying to make tutorials as easy as we can so that everybody should learn it quiet easily. We are also trying to upload source files along with tutorials so that if any body finds difficulty they can check from Source Files. Thanks once again for appreciating. God Bless All...

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