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3ds Max Tutorials

3ds Max » Modeling — over 8 years ago
In this part of the tutorial let us learn how to create exteriors. Let’s leave modeling interior part of an house from where we left in House Creation - Building Blocks tutorial. Follow the below link for more details.
3ds Max » Modeling — about 9 years ago
Not a step by step tutorial about polygon car modeling but its more of an overview of the process and useful tips
3ds Max » Basics — almost 9 years ago
This tutorial will teach you the basics & essentials of 3ds max. Great for if your new with the software.
3ds Max » Modeling — over 9 years ago
I got the idea for this project from a West elm catalog magazine. The scene stays true to the reference image from the catalog but i added my own touches. That is all for the introduction.
3ds Max » Modeling — over 9 years ago
This modeling tutorial is very simple and should be easy to complete in a matter of just a few minutes.
3ds Max » Modeling — almost 9 years ago
Principle and tips using blueprint for reference in 3D modeling
3ds Max » Modeling — almost 10 years ago
This tutorial will describe how modelled my character from a sketch. The method I used here is edge loop modeling.
3ds Max » Lighting — about 9 years ago
This tutorial is ideal for illumination of a living room, kitchen, bed room which is illuminated by sunlight
3ds Max » Lighting — almost 8 years ago
A tutorial that shows you how to setup an illumination rig for realistic interior architectural renderings.
3ds Max » Modeling — almost 6 years ago
The following tutorials are written for those who want to develop their skills in the 3D Studio Max arena. The instructions in everyone of these are vey straight forward, user friendly and easy to follow.
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