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3ds Max Tutorials

3ds Max » Materials — over 5 years ago
A tutorial that explains in a very simple manner how to create a wet material shader with 3ds max and vray. Model and textures are included.
3ds Max » Rendering — about 6 years ago
This tutorial explains the "Linear Workflow" method of rendering in 3ds max and vray, in a simple manner, showing you the exact steps you need to make.
3ds Max » Materials — over 2 years ago
One of the most distinctive characteristics of the velvet/suede finish is its soft textured effect with two contrasts that transce...
3ds Max » Advanced Concepts — about 3 years ago
Andrzej Marszalek shows how he created his brilliant fantasy sword model in 3ds Max and ZBrush, and also gives away the low poly model and textures for free!
3ds Max » Modeling — about 5 years ago
In this 2-day tutorial, Chris Tate will be guiding you through the process of modelling and texturing an old water tower model using 3ds Max. Whilst day 1 covers the modelling of the tower, day 2 will take you through the UVing, texturing and rendering process.
3ds Max » Modeling — about 6 years ago
In this mini tutorial artist like to show briefly how he modeled and textured Mrs Pear in max
3ds Max » Effects — about 5 years ago
In this tutorial, you will model, light and texture some simple 3D text inside of 3dsmax. Then, using Particle Flow, the built-in particle system, along with the FumeFX plugin, you will simulate some convincing looking smoke to add a visual interest to your otherwise run of the mill 3D text .
3ds Max » Effects — about 5 years ago
In this tutorial you will learn how to use particles systems with FumeFX and Krakatoa to create a very cool looking Ink dispersion effect inside of 3ds Max. Then, once the effect has been created and rendered, you will also learn a couple of neat compositing tricks to create the final video in After Effects.
3ds Max » Advanced Concepts — over 2 years ago
This tutorial carnivorous plant show you the texturing process using Mudbox Ptex with its rendering in 3ds Max and V-Ray 2.
3ds Max » Animation — about 3 years ago
In this new tutorial we’ll composite the FVX of the film “The Day the Earth Stood Still”
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