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3ds Max Tutorials

3ds Max » Modeling — over 11 years ago
Here, i will show how to make 3-d model furniture glass-top table.
3ds Max » Modeling — over 11 years ago
Modeling with NURBS on 3D Studio Max r2 and create a detergent jug
3ds Max » Modeling — over 12 years ago
This tutorial will teach you how to model a spaceship in 3D Studio Max.
3ds Max » Modeling — almost 10 years ago
3Ds Max 2010 brings new features and this an excellent way to start modeling in Max 2010, so get prepare for a new way to 3d modeling
3ds Max » Basics — almost 9 years ago
There are few questions which always rise in forum like what is 3d graphics, modeling, which softwares. So, in this article you will understand...
3ds Max » Animation — over 12 years ago
This tutorial will teach you how to create a flag ripple animation.
3ds Max » Animation — almost 11 years ago
This 3ds Max tutorial shows you how to build a car that functions more like a real one, how to add equations to wheels so they turn automatically, how to add body lean as your car goes around corners, and how to animate with keyframes.
3ds Max » Lighting — over 12 years ago
We have to experiment a lot to get a good result. Most often, however, my best outputs are from a proper workflow. Lighting workflow is an excellent article on different types of lights and its workflow.
3ds Max » Materials — about 12 years ago
Read the simple tutorial on creating neon lights in 3ds max using vray material and renderer
3ds Max » Modeling — almost 12 years ago
I made some sketches for some of my concepts and others not because I used other cars as reference. The car that we're talking about, in this article, is based on the marvelous and beautiful Mazda RX-8 as you may already noticed.
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