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3ds Max Tutorials

3ds Max » Modeling — about 9 years ago
Making a staircase with railings Untitled 2 Making a staircase with railings This is the second part of the complete tutorial. Here you will learn how make a good-looking staircase using a pre-modeled railing posts. Go through “Modeling a railing post”; the first part of the series to learn how to model a railing post.
3ds Max » Animation — almost 12 years ago
This tutorial will teach you how to create a flag ripple animation.
3ds Max » Animation — over 9 years ago
In this intermediate level tutorial you will learn how to create an interesting "dancing" particle effect using 3ds Max and Thinking Particles. You also will be able to choreograph the animation to your audio track by creating an animated map using AfterEffects.
3ds Max » Modeling — over 11 years ago
Detailed step by step details of two magnifiers in love
3ds Max » Modeling — over 11 years ago
How different textures can change the mood of the scene and contribute towards a different quality altogether
3ds Max » Modeling — over 9 years ago
Creating Clay Renders with 3ds Max 2010 and mental ray In this video, from “Production Instruction with 3ds Max 2010: Volume I”, we’ll take advantage of mental ray’s ProMaterials to create a nice clay render of the interior scene we’ve been working on. By rendering using the technique shown in this video, we can create a clean and clear render that showcases our work in the best light possible, highlighting the depth and details of our modeling work.
3ds Max » Lighting — over 10 years ago
Applying principles of a three-point lighting in 3D modeling. Using key lights, fill lights and back lights. These principles of a three-point lighting can be applied in any 3d graphics software.
3ds Max » Modeling — about 11 years ago
Here, i will show how to make 3-d model furniture glass-top table.
3ds Max » Modeling — almost 11 years ago
Modeling with NURBS on 3D Studio Max r2 and create a detergent jug
3ds Max » Advanced Concepts — over 8 years ago
In this Making Of by Paul Wesley, find out how he created his amazing futuristic tank-like motorbike using 3ds Max and V-Ray
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