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3ds Max Tutorials

3ds Max » Animation — 8 months ago
Human ear always seems to be one of the most critical for modeling. This series of tutorial will cover the basic anatomy of the human ear and how we can create that in simple way. Hope you will enjoy this
3ds Max » Animation — 8 months ago
Welcome to 11th chapter of rigging in Autodesk 3Ds Max. In this chapter we will specifically concentrate on how to create an IK-FK switch in 3ds Max. This chapter is divided in to two parts and very essential for character rigging
3ds Max » Animation — 8 months ago
Welcome to the 7th chapter of the rigging series. In this Chapter of Rigging in Autodesk 3Ds Max we will discuss about the torso controller of the character. This chapter is very important as we will cover how to create controller of a FK chain. Hope you will enjoy this
3ds Max » Basics — 8 months ago
The Battle for 3D; 3ds Max vs Maya. Read this to find out which one is best for you.
3ds Max » Advanced Concepts — 8 months ago
Learn how to rig and weight your weapon vertices to bones as a single mesh, as well as animate the weapon to biped hands for a first person video game view.
3ds Max » Animation — 9 months ago
Hi all, This is the very first chapter of the rigging tutorial in Autodesk 3d max. In this tutorial we will learn how to create a ready to animate character rig in 3d max. To rig the character we are going to use the bone system in max. In the first chapter we will learn how easily we can create the spine bone with few clicks in max. Hope you will enjoy the technique.
3ds Max » Modeling — 9 months ago
Welcome to the 12th chapter of the Car modeling series. In this chapter we will work on the detailing of the different car body parts in Autodesk Maya, like front fender the door and roof and also move on to the junction of the hood and front windshield. Hope you will enjoy
3ds Max » Materials — 9 months ago
In this tutorial I will show you how to unwrap the car surfaces in order to create a texture them. To unwrap the car we will use the “Unwrap UVWs” modifier from 3DS max and to create the texture, we will use Photoshop, ori you can use any other similar software you want.
3ds Max » Lighting — 9 months ago
Mental Ray lighting in 3ds Max. Video and written tutorial show you step by step how to set up a scene with lights and camera for Mental Ray rendering in 3ds Max.
3ds Max » Modeling — 10 months ago
This is the second chapter of the Ford Escort. In this tutorial, the author shows you how to model a simple interior of a car
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