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3ds Max Tutorials

3ds Max » Lighting — almost 13 years ago
this tutorial will explain simple lighting techniques and some texturing tips with Vray materials. Let's get started!
3ds Max » Modeling — almost 13 years ago
I got the idea for this project from a West elm catalog magazine. The scene stays true to the reference image from the catalog but i added my own touches. That is all for the introduction.
3ds Max » Modeling — almost 12 years ago
This tutorial will teach you the basic architectual modeling and working with Editable Poly. This tutorial is strictly for those which opening the Autodesk 3ds max first time or frightened with the number of buttons and options in 3ds Max, but in the beginning you will only use some of them.
3ds Max » Modeling — about 11 years ago
In this tutorial we cover Concepts and procedures for architectural modeling, building 3D objects, generating objects from curves or shapes. You will learn how to build and model Complete Corporate Architectural Building from scratch to final.
3ds Max » Lighting — almost 11 years ago
Making Realistic Water in 3DS Max
3ds Max » Modeling — over 12 years ago
Detailing,and texturing, rigging and many more things... At the end we will render andfix in Photoshop till we get to the end of this. I've decided to make it moreinteresting and make something like Making of a dragon's tutorial with usefultips and tricks :)
3ds Max » Materials — almost 13 years ago
Hello, I just want to show you the way to make quite nice rondom looking grass. I hope that it will b usefull to you.
3ds Max » Lighting — over 12 years ago
Learn how to use Sunlight, Skylight in the daylight interior scene
3ds Max » Lighting — over 12 years ago
Lighting a bedroom using Radiosity. Achieve natural lighting using sunlight coming through opened windows and doors
3ds Max » Animation — over 12 years ago
This tutorial learn how to create a simple water surface.
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